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Royal Rumble

Previously on The Real World: The roommates went to Australia. A drunk Alton told Steven that he had "the first threesome of [his] life," and begged Steven to "forget everything [he] said." Trishelle thought that by telling Irulan he loves her and then hooking up with other girls, Alton is making Irulan look like a fool. Irulan realized what Alton was up to and cried and cried and threatened to just go home to her boyfriend, Gabe. That's right, her boyfriend.

Irulan packs her things. In an interview, Irulan says she can't deal with the situation, and that she's too wrapped up with Alton, "knowing that at some point [she'll] have to confront things in [her] real life with [her] boyfriend." So what she's doing right now is her fake life? Irulan says she's overwhelmed and confused, and rather than make sense of it, she's running away. Well, points for being honest, I guess. But it's kind of like Cara last season where just because you can admit what your issue is doesn't mean you can get away with not dealing with it.

The roommates come home and look for Irulan. Alton is shocked that she's actually packing to leave, and asks Brynn how the whole thing started. Brynn says she doesn't know, and that she suggested that Irulan open her eyes. Alton doesn't get what Brynn is talking about. Brynn says she's heard things, and Alton thinks the whole thing is bullshit. Brynn tries to pull Trishelle into the conversation. Trishelle says that her random Australian friend said that Alton hooked up with some girl. Alton says that's wrong. Steven is sitting there, totally silent on the matter. Trishelle brings up the letter Alton allegedly wrote, and Alton denies the whole thing. Why would Random Australian Dude lie about that? In an interview, Trishelle says she knows Alton did hook up with other girls in Australia. Trishelle denies telling Irulan anything, and adds that if she could prevent Irulan from being made to look like a fool, she would.

Steven finally stands up and says, "She has a boyfriend!" Thank you! I'm saying. Alton says it doesn't matter, because he loves Irulan. I don't really get what Alton is trying to say here, but then again, I never really get what Alton is saying. What doesn't matter exactly? That she has a boyfriend? He'll still love her if she has a boyfriend? Okay. What does that have to do with anything? I don't know. In an interview, Alton says he doesn't believe he's the reason Irulan wants to leave the house, and that he's "just trying to love and live." Aren't we all? Man, if you had told me earlier this season that Brynn and Steven would be the voices of reason, I would have laughed and laughed.

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