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Round and Round

Previously on The Real World: Arissa asked her boyfriend, Dario, about the future of their relationship, and she was happy that she was no longer placing her need for happiness on their relationship. Irulan and Alton got in a fight and she told him that their relationship was over. Or was it?

6:30 A.M. The roommates are partying in an after-hours club. In an interview, Irulan says that things are still weird between her and Alton. In an interview, Alton says that his friend Davin came to visit, and Alton talked to him about things with Irulan. Irulan voice-overs that there are plenty of guys out there who would like to hang out with her. Irulan, Alton, and Davin dance. Irulan appears to be checking Davin out in a big way. Irulan voice-overs that she thinks Davin is hot and would like to get to know him better. Alton voice-overs that he's jealous seeing Irulan and Davin together. Jealous of Irulan or jealous of Davin? I have to wonder sometimes. The roommates all walk outside, and Brynn is surprised to see that the sun is up. In an interview, Alton wonders why Irulan had to hook up with Davin out of all the guys she could have, and he thinks she's being spiteful, like a lot of girls are. Hey, he said it. And then he wonders why he can't stay in a relationship.

Hey! It's the blue fairy from the end of A.I.. I don't know what she's doing in Vegas. Alton talks to some girl named Denise about his problems. In an interview, Alton says that Denise provides "companionship" (read: blowjobs) and they have "really good conversations" (read: blowjobs). Alton talks to her about his history with Irulan. Alton voice-overs that if he had his choice, he would definitely be with Irulan, because he loves her. Alton tells Denise that Irulan is definitely his type. So, does Alton still love Irulan? I wish he would talk about that a little more. There are a lot of unexplored nuances to their relationship, I think.

Arissa talks to Dario on the phone. Apparently, Dario will not understand something. In an interview, Arissa says that her life is evolving. Arissa tells Dario that she's moving in a different direction, and that she can't expect him to drop everything and come help her change. In an interview, Arissa says she's been too dependent on Dario for too long, and she can't do it anymore. Dario tells Arissa that if he is hindering her, they should break up. Arissa doesn't know.

Arissa tells Frank, Alton, and Steven that her life is too crazy, and that in the past she needed Dario's help, but now she feels like she depended on him too much. So does she think she's too dependent on Dario? I'm not sure. In an interview, Arissa says she needs to leave behind a lot of things in her life. Arissa says she needs to be independent, but it makes her feel selfish. She's doing it so that perhaps later, she can focus on Dario. Arissa asks Steven if he thinks she's wrong for needing her space. He doesn't, and Alton doesn't either. Frank says it's fair for Arissa to need her space if it's because of something Dario is doing. Steven suggests that Arissa might need space because she has a crush on him and Frank. They all laugh. Steven rolls on the floor and laughs at himself. I don't know why he thinks he needs anyone else to love him. He clearly loves himself enough for ten people.

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