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Replacing Frankie

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Replacing Frankie

Do you think they'll take Frankie out of the opening credits? That would mean that they shot all new group shots and everything. I guess if they were going to, it would have been done this week, right?

The roommates look through photos from their trip to Greece. Randy thinks they should send some of the pictures to Frankie. Because she was such a delight while they were on vacation? Cameran asks Randy if he thinks they will get a new roommate. Randy doesn't know. In a confessional, Cameran says that she would rather not have a new roommate. Brad says that adding another person will change things a lot, and offers up the example of Frankie's job, which was apparently to take out the garbage. In a confessional, Brad says that they couldn't find anyone like Frankie to take her place. But why would you want to? Since when is Brad such a big Frankie fan? Randy says that a new person could be really amazing, and make their final six weeks great. Cameran doubts it, and says that she will automatically hate a new person. Nice. Randy interviews that he will welcome a new person with open arms. Brad comes up with the greatest idea of all time when he suggests that their new roommate could be an ape that would just run around and break shit. The ratings would go through the roof! Please let one of the roommates in Philly be a monkey.

Brad calls Andrea. Brad interviews that he misses Andrea, and that he knows they had a good relationship back home. Andrea answers the phone sleepily, and Brad asks if he woke her. Cameran calls to Brad from the hot tub and tells him to join her. Brad smiles, realizing that he's totally busted. Andrea asks about it, and Brad says he's probably not going in. Andrea thinks he's hiding things from her. Brad interviews that he's been trying to convince Andrea that nothing's going on between him and Cameran, and that the hot tub situation didn't help. Andrea starts arguing that Brad is going in the hot tub with Cameran, and Brad denies it. Brad interviews that it's a problem that Andrea doesn't trust him. Yeah, Brad has really given her many reasons to trust him. Andrea says that she doesn't like Cameran, because she's so fake on the phone and calls her "Annie." Andrea refers to Cameran as "the whore," and Brad totally cracks up and looks at the camera. Cameran sits alone in the hot tub.

A guy identified only as "Courier" walks into the house with a package. Like we wouldn't figure out who he was when he delivered the package? Robin opens the envelope and yells that they're getting a new roommate. The girls scream. Jacquese grabs the paper and reads that three potential roommates will visit the house today, and that they get to choose which one they want. He adds, "Keep in mind that this is an important decision and should not be based just on a single conversation." So are the producers trying to get them to have multiple rounds of interviews? I didn't get that. Jacquese says something about how people will be fake in interviews, and that they need to see through that. Jacquese interviews that he does want another roommate to "bring a new energy to the house." In other words, it's one more person that he can spy on while he or she is having sex. Jacquese concludes that they have to call all three candidates tomorrow morning and relay their decision. They discuss whether the candidates will be male or female, and Jamie says that sex shouldn't play into their decision. Robin points out that the new person will be her new roommate. Brad thinks that the voting will split down sex lines, and end up a tie.

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