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Previously...Janelle and Svet became super-friends, Jose took a long walk, Tyler was a dink, and Speedo got ripped off.

Janelle is on the phone with Kasib, her currently off-again boyfriend. In a merciful mostly Tyler-free episode, his one glorious line is that he gets nervous when she talks to Kasib on the phone. In an interview, Janelle says that Kasib's really wanted to come out and visit. And I am just sure that has nothing to do with wanting to get himself on TV. NOTHING. She says that she's not sure whether it's a good idea, since all they do is fight, and when she says this on the phone, he says that she's acting like a "jackass." Wow, I can't see why these two broke up. Janelle says that she wants Kasib to talk to her with respect, and, sounding shocked, he says, "What? I'm talking to you!" Yeah, but without the respect. Jackass this, dude. She tells him how much he ticks her off, he condescendingly says goodbye, and she hangs up.

Janelle tells the roommates how difficult Kasib is, and John adds that it's easier to ignore that kind of behavior than it is to put your foot down and stop it. True, but if these two aren't a couple right now, I have to wonder why she should bother to put her foot down when she could just stop talking to him altogether. Although functional relationships have never been known to get anyone on to The Real World.

Jose's out at a bar talking to his crush, Jessica. In a not-at-all confusing coincidence, Jose knows someone else named Zach -- the chyrons refer to him as "Zachary," but no one actually calls him that. Zach2 apparently went to high school with Jessica, and has told Jose what a great girl she is. They hug, and it's all very chaste and un-Real World.

In the car on the way home, Zach can see that Jose's in a "euphoric state" over Jessica, and asks him what's up. Jose says that he likes her, but he's not "calling it right now" because it's early. Apparently, there's also one more interesting little Jose detail: in what can only be called a really wise and sound decision, he lives with his ex-girlfriend Irene. Well, that can't go wrong AT ALL. Jessica knows that he talks to Irene, but he's forgotten to mention the little matter of them still sharing a home.

Next morning, Janelle is back on the phone with Kasib and somehow apologizes for her behavior. Of course, he graciously accepts, and shows it by asking her whether she's busy Saturday, because he's still planning on coming out. Hold on a second, what? Now he's just invited himself there and already has a plane ticket? Janelle tries to cover sounding surprised and never mentions this as being strange, which puts her in the "pushover" category.

The next morning, Janelle voices over that she's "nervous" and "apprehensive" about seeing Kasib. This just gets better and better. MTV artfully establishes the airport with some shots of the "Active unloading or loading ONLY" signs.

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