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Red Flood

Here's what I think happened there. I think Becky thought it would be cool to see Landon and get on TV, but then Landon got all schmoopy, which she wasn't expecting, and as she started to sober up, she realized that Jason was going to see this episode on TV. So she tried to distance herself from Landon's behavior, and wanted to get away from the cameras as quickly as possible. So I don't think Becky is a big jerk. I mean, she didn't know that Landon was hoping they would reunite; she just thought, "Who do I know in Philadelphia that we could hang out with so we don't have to sit in the hotel all night alone?" That's my thinking anyway.

Landon stomps back into the house. Landon interviews that Becky affects him the most of anyone in his life, because he has feelings for her. Landon sits in the bathroom and cries and cries. Sarah walks in and looks at him. She interviews that Landon was just destroyed and needed someone to talk to. Landon tells Sarah that it hurts him that Becky has changed so much, and that he realizes that he is the past for her. Sarah thinks that he can't say that for sure. Landon interviews that maybe he needs to forget about it, but it's difficult because she was so important. Landon says that knowing what he knows now, he shouldn't even have called Becky back.

In a confessional, Landon says that he always thought Becky would be a big part of his life, and that he doesn't know if he'll ever get over her. Landon sheds a few tears and says that people you love take a big part of your heart, and once they are gone, you realize that you don't get another chance.

Shaun calls Shavonda and says that he misses her and he needs her. Shavonda says that she's mad, and that she doesn't think their relationship can be the same. Shaun says that it's just a mistake, and that he's sorry. In a confessional, Shavonda says that she knows Shaun's sorry, but that she thinks it was really wrong. Shavonda yells at him for visiting Jenny, which is the real issue, not that he lied to her. I'm glad she gave that up. Shaun begs for another chance. In a confessional, Shavonda says that if she goes back with him, it's like saying what he did is okay. Shavonda says that she's convinced herself that she doesn't need him. Shaun tries one last manipulative "I love you!" Shavonda tells him to save it for Jenny and hangs up. They both suck.

Shavonda lies in bed and has a pout. Melanie and Landon try to console her. Melanie suggests that Shavonda and Shaun take a break from each other and clear their heads. Landon thinks that they need to set boundaries for their new relationship, since they broke up. Melanie and Shavonda say that it's about the lying, which it's not. Landon asks Shavonda if she wants to go out with them. Shavonda hugs Melanie and thanks her for listening.

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