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Red Flood

Becky and her friend stumble all over the sidewalk. Landon tries to help, and Becky gets pissy with him. Landon interviews that he's trying to reestablish their friendship, and that Becky is blowing him off. Gee, could it be because all he's talked about all day is how much he'd like to get back together with her, and she senses that and is trying not to encourage him? Landon asks why she's uncomfortable around him, and Becky denies that she is. Meanwhile, Drunk Girl is, like, two blocks ahead of them, practically wandering in the streets. Landon asks if Becky is acting this way because of Jason, and calls Jason a loser. I can't imagine why Becky would get upset about that! Landon interviews that Becky won't tell him what she's thinking. She's probably thinking you're a jerk because you just called her boyfriend a loser.

The trio arrives at the house. Landon wants to talk some more about his relationship with Becky, and Becky looks like she just wants to pass out. Landon says that Becky and Jason have been together for a year, so he thought he and Becky could hang out. Becky says she's happy with Jason. Landon says that she acts differently around him than she does around her other friends. Becky is silent. Landon heaves a big sigh. Landon interviews that they were together for seven years, and now Becky won't even talk to him.

Becky goes to get Drunk Girl out of the toilet stall as Landon voice-overs that Becky won't even talk to him as a friend. Becky herds Drunk Girl down the stairs, and that girl is in serious trouble. She can barely walk. Becky seems to be getting annoyed with Drunk Girl, and keeps telling her she's fine. Landon says that Drunk Girl isn't fine. They sit outside and wait for a cab. Landon tries to help Drunk Girl, who can't stop puking. Landon thinks maybe they should take her to the hospital. Becky doesn't want to hear it, and thinks they should just put her in bed. Drunk Girl doesn't want to go to the hospital, and Landon points out that maybe Drunk Girl isn't the best judge right now. Landon can't believe that Becky is blowing off her best friend like this. Landon interviews that Becky is treating her friend with carelessness, and that he thinks it's Jason's effect on her. The cab arrives, and Landon practically carries Drunk Girl over. They finally get in the cab (but not before the cab driver asks if Drunk Girl is still throwing up) and Landon and Becky exchange quick goodbyes. Landon voice-overs that he's mad that Becky has changed, and the cab pulls away.

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