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Red Flood

Shavonda asks Karamo if she can use the computer, and he lets her. Shavonda interviews that she sent Shaun "a cuddle card" via email. That is so lame. A cuddle card? Blech. Anyway, Shaun didn't mention getting it when they spoke on the phone, so Shavonda uses this flimsy pretext as an excuse to check Shaun's email, which is never okay. Email has a password for a reason, although I guess if Shaun gave Shavonda the password, he deserves what he gets. You'd think the breakup would incite him to change his password, though. Anyway, Shavonda reads Shaun's email and finds a bunch of travel confirmation emails for a flight to Texas. It seems that Shaun is currently in Texas visiting his ex-girlfriend, who bought the tickets.

Shavonda immediately calls Shaun and tries to play it cool and give him a chance to admit his location. She's so obvious, though, and finally she admits what she did, and that she knows he's in Texas. Shaun says that he's in Texas, but that he knew she would freak out, so he didn't tell her. Shavonda thinks it's shady. Shaun pretends it's no big deal, and Shavonda says that he would have told her about it earlier if it meant nothing. Shavonda flips her lid and screams, "No, I don't fucking understand!" Shavonda acts like she's more upset that Shaun lied to her than that he's visiting his ex-girlfriend. Shaun tries to talk his way out of it. Shavonda interviews that Shaun has lost her trust. Shavonda tells Shaun not to call her, and not to visit her. After much swearing, she tells Shaun to kiss her ass and hangs up.

Landon picks up Becky and her friend from their hotel. Becky's friend's face is blurred out, and given what happens soon, I don't blame her. Landon says that the only thing they have time to do tonight is go out and get drunk, and Becky and her friend are like, "Sounds good!" Cue the drinking montage! Landon and the two girls get nice and sloshed.

Later, Landon and the two girls head for the waterfront, where some guy is going to take them out on a booze cruise. I think the last thing these three need is more booze, or a cruise of any sort. Landon tells Becky that he's glad she's there, and that it's a relief for him to see a familiar face. In a confessional, Landon says that he's still in love with Becky. Becky slurs that she's really happy for Landon. Landon interviews that he's still seeking closure on his relationship with Becky.

They get to the boat, and Becky's friend is not feeling so hot. Landon tries to get her hair out of her face, and she immediately spews bright red puke everywhere. It looks like fruit punch. She gets puke all over the boat, and even gets some on Landon. She immediately goes into Drunken Apology mode, and Landon and Becky herd her off the boat. Landon interviews that it was supposed to be a fun night, and now they're kind of stuck taking care of Drunk Girl. We've all been there, my friend.

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