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Red Flood

Just a programming note that there is no Most Awesome Thing this week because my DVD player broke, and I don't want to reveal what DVD I was planning to watch, but rest assured that it will be awesome, and hopefully things will be back to normal by next week. Thanks!

Landon and Sarah are sightseeing in Philadelphia. What a novel concept for a Real World roommate! Usually they just stick to their house and nearby bars. They come across the famous LOVE sign and take a photo. Landon says that he wants to be in love again, and Sarah agrees that it's the best feeling. Landon talks about his ex-girlfriend Becky, who treated him with respect. Landon interviews that he and Becky were high-school sweethearts, and dated for seven years. He adds that Becky was compassionate, and that he put her on a pedestal. Sarah asks why Landon doesn't try to get Becky back. Landon says he needs to date other people. He adds that Becky is dating his ex-roommate, Jason, who is a bad person and treats women like crap. Landon interviews that he wants Becky to date anyone but Jason. Landon admits that he still loves Becky, and that she is the only person he's ever loved. Sarah thinks he means that Becky is the only person he will ever love, which isn't what he said. Landon admits that he's also in love with Jessica Simpson, and Sarah agrees, "She's easy to love." Heh.

Back at the house, Melanie answers the phone, and it's Becky. Speak of the devil. Becky explains that she has a layover in Philadelphia, and that her connecting flight has been delayed, so she will be in Philly overnight. Melanie faithfully writes down the message, since Landon is out now.

Shaun and Shavonda speak baby talk to each other on the phone. Shavonda interviews that they have broken up, but they still love each other and he plans to visit. That's not broken up. Shavonda gives Shaun the third degree about why he's not at work. Shavonda interviews that Shaun can date anyone except his ex-girlfriend, because Shavonda has always been jealous of this particular woman. See, not broken up. If you break up, you don't get to dictate whom the other person can and cannot date. Actually, unless you are exclusive, I don't see how you can ever dictate whom another person can or cannot date.

Landon and Sarah arrive home, and Sarah sees the message from Becky. She alerts Landon, who immediately calls Becky. She explains that a guy on their flight had a stroke, so they had to take him back to Ireland, and missed their connection, so now they're stuck in Philly overnight. Landon invites her to go out with them, and they make plans to meet. Landon tells Melanie about their plans, and Melanie says she thinks it's fate. Landon vehemently disagrees. Landon interviews that he's probably getting too excited about the possibilities, and wonders if Becky is interested in "rekindling old flames." Landon puts ten quarts of gel in his hair and heads to the airport.

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