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Real World / Road Rules Casting Special

It's time once again to find out what lucky losers will be the recipients of constant scrutiny and the butt of our jokes this season on Real World and Road Rules. Every year, the casting special has to have a gimmick. Last year, they had some of the losers host the special. This year, they had some losers host the special again, but in a different way: These losers are Real World and Road Rules alumni. Our hosts this evening are David from RW Seattle, Janet from RW Seattle, Judd from RW San Francisco, Sarah from RR Latin American and Shawn from RR Semester At Sea. We will be taking a look at sixteen finalists. Seven will go to Real World and six will go to Road Rules. Each finalist has to do a home video, interviews with casting directors and former Real World and Road Rules cast members, and go on a "casting date" with staff.

Stee: I just want to put it out there that I'm missing The Lyricist Lounge Show for this. They rap and act. Anyway...So David, he's pretty much run this gig to the ground now. Can't he let it go yet?

Kim: He has the same tired schtick all the time. Like grow or evolve or something.

Stee: The accent works for him. I loved him on Challenge 2000. He is such a douche. I liked fat drunk cheating Nathan better. When Nathan cheated and then cried to his girlfriend when she was there, I rewound that scene eight times.

Kim: I have a grudging respect for David because he amuses me with his drama.

Stee: Yes. And I liked when he beat some ass outside the bar. He's very gay though. Poor Judd with the hair loss.

Kim: Judd looked super-skinny to me.

Stee: He's battling something. And what's up with Snoop Doggy Shawn?

Kim: Shawn is a non-entity to me. It's like he doesn't exist. You say, "Shawn," and I say, "Who?"

Stee: Very much so. I loved when he said, about one finalist, "He hid the playa, yo."

The first finalist is Holly, a twenty-one-year-old from Maryville, Tennessee. She's got long, light brown hair and a thick Southern accent, sometimes. Holly talked a lot about her "ghetto booty," then she sang a song about how her "dream is to be black." We also found out that she's a virgin. Her dad is a former hippie and her mom was the 1984 Miss Tennessee Bodybuilding Champion. How scary is that? Anyway, she just found out that her parents are getting a divorce. She had an interview with Kameelah from RW Boston, who pointed out that Holly has a "fascination with ghetto culture." Holly is wearing the jacket Michael Jackson wore in the video for "Beat It." She even does some Michael Jackson dance moves. Holly says that people call her "white chocolate" because she looks white on the outside, but on the inside, she is all black. An onscreen pop-up tells us that Holly works on her college's student evangelism team.

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