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Real World Reunion

Just a nomenclature issue first: The first time I discuss a particular cast member, I will identify which season that person was on. After that, you're on your own. Okay, here we go.

The reunion begins by showing the opening credits from the first season of Real World, the one in New York. About halfway through it cuts out, and Julie from NY interrupts to say, "That was the true story then, but now I'm back in Alabama teaching dancing," and that it boggles her mind to go to a reunion. Jon from LA pops up and says that they've been invited to LA with the NY and San Francisco (SF) casts. Tami from LA says she is "on edge" and doesn't know what to expect. Eric from NY tells us that they will be "hanging out in the studio with a live audience" who will be asking them questions. Then there are a series of "man on the street" type interviews where people get to ask a question. The first woman says, "Does Eric have a girlfriend?" Oh, lord. Please do not tell me people still think Eric is hot. A man asks, "How come they kicked David out of the house for just playing with Tami?" That issue will be discussed to death in the next hour, so if you were wondering about it too, you will get your answer. Heather from NY says that she wants to meet the people who got kicked out because if they had tried to kick her out, she wouldn't leave. Kevin from NY think this will be "like a high school reunion." Judd from SF compares it to "Laff-A-Lympics" where you finally get to see "Scooby Doo and Huckleberry Hound in the same place." Have I mentioned how much I hate Judd yet? This seems like a good time to mention it. I hate Judd. Yeah, we get it, he's a cartoonist and he has to relate everything to the world of cartoons because he draws cartoons for a living. Got it. Check. Puck from SF says he doesn't "give a crap" about any of the other kids. He's holding a Chihuahua, and the dog looks terrified. Wouldn't you be? The extra-special reunion credits roll. They consist of an amalgamation of all three season's credits, so you get Jon singing "True Story" and Heather yelling "Would somebody get the phone?" all in one credit sequence. The reunion is taking place at Universal Studios. I don't know why that matters, but Universal must have paid a lot of money because they mention it like every five minutes.

We see a sign telling us we are in the state of Alabama, and then a shot of a tractor-trailer driving down the highway. I swear, they recycled some of this footage for Challenge 2000 because I recognize that truck. Anyway, if we're in Alabama, this must be about Julie. She is in her yard, playing with her dog. She's got her hair in two little buns, which I think is pretty fashion-forward, considering this took place in 1996 and she's in the Deep South. Anyway, in case you were dead during the opening sequence, she explains that she's going to LA to do a reunion in front of a live audience with Alison Stewart hosting, and people asking questions. Suddenly, she's at the airport. She's excited to see her friends and she's nervous to meet the people she's only seen glimpses of on television. Heather picks her up at the airport in LA. Heather is standing at the end of the ramp from the airplane, yelling to Julie to hurry up, like is she supposed to just run over all the people in front of her or what? They hug. I notice that the logo on Heather's shirt is blurred out. Does MTV still do that? I remember they used to do it all the time, but I don't remember seeing it lately. Maybe they loosened up. Anyway, Julie says she and Heather have the phone bills to prove how close they are. We see clips of Julie and Heather together when they were in NY. Wow, Heather lost a lot of weight between her season and this reunion. The two women get into a limo. Heather is excited to see Eric, and she hopes no one gets on her nerves. Julie hopes no one gets on Heather's nerves too. Heather says she just wants to have a good time. Julie thinks they will have the best time. Is Julie capable of thought, or is she just going to repeat everything Heather says? Just wondering.

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