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Real World Reunion 2000

As with the previous Real World Reunion recap, the first time I discuss a particular cast member, I will identify which season that person was on. After that, you're on your own.

They don't even try to use the typical Real World opening credits this time around, which is our first signal that this reunion is going to be very different from the last one. We learn that this is the true story of four casts, Miami, Boston, Seattle and Hawaii, who are going to a reunion, "Las Vegas style." What is with Bunim-Murray and Las Vegas? They started the Challenge 2000 there too. They must have a good rate at the Hard Rock Hotel or something. Or maybe they just keep hoping that two of the cast members will sneak off and get a quickie marriage, and they want to enable that in every way possible. Anyway, Dave Holmes hosts this reunion, since Alison Stewart is now on ABC at like 5:00 AM. That's okay, because I like Dave better. As a side note though, the longer he's on MTV, the more uncomfortable he makes me. Remember when he first lost the VJ contest and he was all, "I'm just a regular guy who has an encyclopedic knowledge about music, and I promise not to make Carson look too stupid"? Now he's all, "I've got some blond highlights and a goatee, and the ladies love me. But I won't sell out and lose the weight, because that would be wrong. Plus, it's in my contract that I can't be better looking than Carson. But that doesn't mean I won't try. Yeah, I caught Christina Aguilera looking at me the other day during TRL. I'll show her what a girl wants. Oh, sorry. Where was I? Yeah, fame hasn't gone to my head, really." You know what I mean? Sorry, that was a little off topic.

Anyway, the first segment of the show consists of clips of various people arriving in Las Vegas, and giving interviews describing what they're doing these days. Jason from Boston tells us he moved to Santa Cruz, California. He's about to pick up Kameelah from Boston at the airport. He hasn't seen her in over a year. You may remember that Jason and Kameelah had a flirtation during their season, but they both claim nothing ever happened. Kameelah arrives and squeals when she sees Jason, and they share a big hug.

Next up is Genesis from Boston, shown arriving at the airport with her mom. Oh wait, that's not her mom. That's her girlfriend! Well, it was an honest mistake since her girlfriend looks about 50 years old. Anyway, Genesis has really long hair that looks like a wig, but is wearing a nice linen-looking pants suit. She tells us that she's anxious to see everyone, "not that [she has] to prove [herself] to anybody, but to see their reaction on the changes [she's] made" and also that she's curious to know how they view her, not that she cares, but she wants to know. Hmm, I remember that Genesis was really insecure and it looks like not much has changed. Talking about how you don't have to prove yourself is a sure sign that you feel like you do, in my book.

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