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Previously on The Real World: They decided their vacation would be to India; Wonder Bread meets Ruthie's twin sister Sara and decides he loves her; Ruthie breaks a glass; Teck yells at her; Wonder Bread gives Ruthie the choice of rehab or leaving the house; Ruthie says it's not a choice and leaves with her sisters. So, this week is going to be a confusing mishmash of storylines, designed to fill space until they can rev up the India trip.

WB informs us that Ruthie still hasn't made a clear decision. This confuses me. Her choices were go into a clinic or leave the house. She's not in the house anymore. Isn't that clear? Anyway, WB says she has a big problem and needs to "right her ship" and needs their support. Justin reveals that he is the only one in the house with any perspective on the situation when he says that WB has figured out that his THING is to be supportive and sensitive. That's what gets him attention. So he's going to run with it.

Tetanus Girl says that if Ruthie wants her to care, she would return her pages. Although that sounds a bit mercenary, I can see what Tet Girl means. You can only give so much. Teck says he doesn't know if Ruthie is coming back to the house. Tet Girl says that she hopes Ruthie goes to rehab so that she can come back to the house. Did I mention that most of this episode is filler? Have we heard anything yet that we don't already know from previous episodes?

The phone rings and Justin answers. He asks who knows the most about what's wrong with tonight and can explain it to Calvin. WB volunteers. He tells Calvin that they gave Ruthie an ultimatum -- a term he refused to use last week. Also, due to their house issues, they have not booked anything for Local Motion, or done any promotion. They decide to have a meeting tonight since there will be no performer. During this exchange, they show WB in the scariest confessional since Tet Girl's bindi/boa combo. He's WAAAAY too close to the camera and it looks like he cut his own hair, and the seventy-five-year-old man must be taking over because he has all these wrinkles. It is so scary that I completely miss what he says.

After the phone call, WB tells Colin, Annoying and Justin about the meeting, and that they have to "right their ship." What is with him and righting ships? Why is everyone's ship tipping over? Where did that expression come from? Anyway, Justin rolls his eyes and leaves, probably because he is plotting how he can get the hell away from these idiots. They all discuss how they couldn't work due to personal issues. I'm thinking, good luck in the REAL real world, kiddies. Try calling your boss up and saying, "I'm sorry. I was really sad and depressed because one of my friends of three months has a problem. So I didn't do my work," and see what happens. Colin helpfully explains that personal issues obviously take precedence over work and I'm thinking, "Not if you enjoy being gainfully employed," but what is Calvin going to do, fire them? He loves the publicity.

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