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Previously on Real World: The roommates were assigned to write for a travel guide about France, and most of them (save Leah and Adam) turned their assignments in late. Adam was upset that he couldn't do better than his father, who was a member of the Commodores. So couldn't he excel in another area besides music? Adam also has never had a serious relationship, and Ace thought Adam wanted to prove that he could get any girl he wanted.

The roommates get ready to go out. Christina walks around in a towel, and Adam grabs her around the waist and squeals about her "juiciness." Christina interviews that "Adam wants to hook up with every single girl in Paris." Adam continues to hump and hug Christina, who couldn't be cringing further away from him, like, take a hint, dude. Adam interviews that he's happier when he's around women. I don't know what is up with Adam's hair in that interview, but it's like his normal semi-puff head, but parted down the middle, and then the two sides kind of curl up towards each other like parentheses. Or a lobster claw. A puffy lobster claw. Christina interviews that Adam has to hook up with every girl he speaks to, and she definitely wouldn't hook up with a guy like that. Which explains the gossip that Christina and Adam were seen recently making out somewhere. The scene ends with a shot of Adam and Chris dancing around in their boxers. Well, Chris is wearing boxer briefs.

Chris, Adam, Ace, and Christina go to a club. Have you noticed that there are two groups in the house, and the two rarely mix? There is the aforementioned club-goer group, and then there is the Simon/Mallory/Leah power of three. Weird. Anyway, some weird old dude dances poorly for the camera, and they keep cutting shots of this dude in throughout the scene, which makes me think they are trying to draw a parallel between Adam and this pathetic old dude. And I like it. Adam interviews that he's at his best in the first fifteen minutes that you meet him, and it's all downhill from there. Aw, that's kind of sad. Adam meets some girl named Talayeh, and says he doesn't have a girlfriend at home, and asks if she has a boyfriend. She doesn't really answer. Adam interviews that Talayeh is beautiful and nice. Adam gets Ace's approval of Talayeh, and reveals that she's Canadian. I think Adam really just wanted an excuse to put his arm around Ace and whisper in his ear.

They leave the club and head back to the house. Chris and Adam play pool with Talayeh and her friends Stephanie and Jessica. In a confessional, Chris says that he thinks Adam is a good guy who's trying to fall in love, but he's trying too hard. Adam snuggles with Talayeh on the couch. She's pretty! Why is she hooking up with grody Adam? Talayeh follows Adam downstairs to his room. He excuses himself to brush his teeth and then does this silly dance to psych himself up to kiss a girl. At least that's my interpretation. Why else would he do that dance?

Adam and Talayeh lie in bed and talk. Talayeh says she's been in France for six months and hasn't been with anyone. Adam asks why she chose him. Talayeh says she's not going to be with him tonight. Adam gives her the old blue balls speech ("You're really hot, and it's difficult as a guy…") and I can't believe she doesn't just laugh him out of the room. Adam interviews that Talayeh is too good for him. Word.

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