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Raging Bullshit

Kevin's one-on-one. He is totally calm and almost seems rational, which is amazing. Was he on Lithium in its experimental stages, or what? Kevin tells us that it wasn't making any sense for him and Julie to shout at one another, especially when they were like the "best of friends," and they could just agree to disagree and respect one another for the rest of the time in the loft.

Julie and Kevin in the kitchen. Julie tells Kevin that she didn't think she did what he says she did, but if she DID do SOMETHING, she didn't deserve what she got. She also says that she doesn't think Kevin has a whole lot of respect for anyone else. They both apologize and say that they're sorry it happened like that. Julie says chirpily, "So you feelin' better?" Kevin shrugs. She says that all he had to do was get in her face and scream and he felt better. Kevin snorts and says, "Who was pushin' who?" Julie then says, "Who was close enough to be pushed?" Word booty.

Kevin's one-on-one. He says that Julie totally believed in what she was saying and didn't back down at all, and that he can respect that.

Julie's one-on-one. She says that she likes Kevin, and she thinks he's super-intelligent and has a lot of good things to say, but that she never wants to be alone with Kevin in her life, and she will never feel comfortable around him, and she doesn't understand how she could be expected to.

Kevin and Eric's birthday bash. Montage of Eric -- in overalls, sans shirt, of course -- shaking together some liquor mixture, people grinding, Becky getting freaked by two dudes. Then a woman complains to Kevin about being assaulted by some woman who demanded that she pay three dollars for a paper cup.

Julie's one-on-one. Apparently everyone told her to get Heather, who assaulted some woman and was about to be arrested.

Heather's one-on-one. She says the dumb bunny tried to take her cup without asking her.

Back to the woman. She's saying that she's going to call the cops. Next shot, the cops come up the elevator. Kevin, in his one-on-one, says that the woman was rude to Heather and she needed to know, "You can't be rude to Heather B."

Next show: Heather gets semi-arrested. She makes an album. Andre does something with maracas -- I think it involves his band. Eric says that if people knew how sensitive he is, they'd take advantage of him. Manimal gags.

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