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Raging Bullshit

Kevin and Julie are still shouting. Kevin says with a smirk, "Two different perceptions, girlfriend." Wow. When did Moesha possess Kevin's body? Julie tells Kevin that they've only got a week and a half to go, and that if this is the way he wants to go out, that's fine. Kevin starts to say something and moves off the counter toward Julie, and Julie says in a very loud voice, "Stay the fuck away from me." I wonder how many times The Real World Los Angeles watched that scene in preparation for the big "Beth Who Cried Rape" episode?

Eric, Julie, and Norman are sitting on the couch. Eric tells Julie that he believes her. Julie says that they can believe whatever they want or stay totally out of it, but either way, she doesn't ever want to be left alone with Kevin again. Hmm. On the one hand, I understand her point. On the other, she's not really reinforcing the whole, "Go ahead and stay out of it," stance. The Minor Chords of Disharmony are heard in the background. Man, Bunim-Murray sure milked those Casio keyboards for all they're worth.

Eric says, "I understand that." Julie says that's all it comes down to. Eric points out that it's not the first time they've seen Kevin go at someone. All these jazzy Flashdance-type chords play. Several shots of Julie looking upset.

We hear Julie on the phone with her mom and dad, who can tell she's in a bad mood. The camera is angled up at her face. The parents keep asking her if she's okay or holding out. Julie fiddles with her hair and then tells the cameraman, "If you don't get that camera off me, I'm just gonna die." She very gently puts her foot on the camera.

Eric and Norman walking around. Eric says there's no way Julie would make up that story. He says that he absolutely can't see that in Julie, and that he wanted to punch Kevin for shoving his face into Julie's and saying "It's my word against yours." Eric tells us that it's the action of someone who's trying to get out of something, and that he's done the same thing "trying to get out of a million holes." Must. Refrain. From. Colorful Comment. Eric says that's why he can't believe Kevin.

Oh God. More spoken word. Why are the VIEWERS being punished for the lofties being unable to get along? Some schmuck introduces Kevin Powell, who uses "words for wheels." Kevin then speaks a few lines of poesy called "Mental Terrorism," and boy. Was it EVER.

Eric's one-on-one. Eric says Julie needs to be distracted and made to laugh. Next shot, Eric's wearing several weird costumes and singing horribly and strumming on the guitar. This is the one time Eric is vaguely unselfish and I actually find him semi-charming.

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