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Raging Bullshit

Kevin then makes a valid point and tells Norman that he wasn't there, so he can't really go around tossing judgments (although Norman looks like he wants to toss Kevin in the river). Kevin then says that Julie picked up the phone with an attitude, and that it was a record company on the phone, offering him a job. Kevin was desperate to get this job, since he is broke and incredibly anxious about his financial straits. Apparently, once Julie got on the phone, the record company exec told Kevin he wasn't serious about this job and "Click. Do you understand me Norman? CLICK." Ooh. Okay, if that is true -- big bummer. Not that I'm inclined to believe Kevin, whose Native American name should be, "He With Selective Memory," but quelle, quelle ouch nonetheless.

Kevin's one-on-one. He tells us that he thought Norman automatically took Julie's side without caring to hear about Kevin's, and that he assumed without question that Kevin was the kind of guy who would get violent. Congratulations, Kevin. Now tell us what color grass is. Also, when you write fifteen-page opuses about your trouble-filled life to your roommate, and toss comments like "bitch" and "your momma" at female roommates during casual debates, you haven't exactly demonstrated an even temperament, honey.

Back to the loft. Kevin keeps shouting that Norman wasn't there and has no right to judge. Kevin asks why Norman was so quick to judge. Norman says that if he was brought before a judge and had to verify that Kevin has acted a wee bit -- shall we say, irrationally? -- in the past, Norman would have to say yes. Norman adds, "And I'd have to say that's all I know of Kevin." Then Lisa, who's at the loft, too, waves her finger at Norman and says, "That's. All. You know. Of Kevin. That's all you know of Kevin. A pattern of aggressive behavior." Norman says, "DUH." I may be paraphrasing there.

Kevin looks hurt and repeats, "That's all you know of me." Some remarkably bad editing later, and Norman has calmed down a little and does what seems like a one-eighty, telling Kevin that he's just as angry and upset with Julie. Pardon me? About three minutes ago, you were raising the flag and deciding to all but lock Kevin in the galley, and suddenly you decide that you haven't heard the whole story? Aw, Norman even if you were acting a little irrational, at least you had a backbone. Lisa asks where Julie is. Norman doesn't know. Kevin whistles and makes significant faces at Lisa. He's also wearing this hid-e-ous shirt with pukka shells stitched on the collar. Someone arrest him -- if not for assault, then for major fashion crimes.

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