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Raging Bullshit

Previously: The roommates find a hideous little dog, and eventually, the owner. Julie's mother visits, and Julie experiences that classic condition Dysfunctiona Minora.

Close-up of Julie's face, sort of weepy. In her one-on-one, she tells us that it's apparent, after living with Kevin, that he is capable of some physical violence, and that her being a woman wouldn't affect his rage at all.

Oh God. Close-up of Eric being indignant, shouting, "He took one of them [sic] candlesticks?" Julie says no, he took of those even BIGGER gewgaws, and Heather says that, when she walked in, things were all out of place and she wondered who'd messed them up. Julie says, "He didn't throw it at me, " and Heather interrupts her to say, "Like what? Like he was gonna charge you and hit you with it?" Eric interrupts to say, "Regardless [sic], he came at you with this in his hand [here he displays a really big whopper of a pewter candlestick] like he was gonna hit you?"

Julie says that she understood she might get socked no matter what, and she could handle a black eye and she loved the show, but she wasn't going to a funeral over it. Funny, she doesn't specify whose funeral: hers or Kevin's.

Eric's one-on-one. He tells us that Julie was really upset and hysterical. He says that for someone to be like that, something really serious must have happened. Also, Julie, despite her naïveté, always seemed pretty levelheaded and more than willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

Back in the loft. Julie tells her side of the story. She says that Kevin was on the phone and she picked up and asked who he was talking to. He said, "None of your business," and Julie said, "Well, hurry." Heather shakes her hair. She has really good hair in this episode -- chunky braids tied back in a ponytail. Julie continues: "Then things escalated from there." He said, "Fuck you, Julie," and she said, "No, fuck you Kevin," and then he said something like, "Mind your manners," and Julie replied, "Why should I? You don't mind your manners to anyone in this whole place." Julie just keeps muttering, "It just escalated from there." Julie then tells us that Kevin told her to suck his dick and that if she ever talked to him like that again he would break every one of her fingers. She started yelling at him to get out and he started slamming doors. He left and then started beating the door from outside.

Eric mutters, "He's got a problem." Heather, rather callously, says, "It ain't ours." Julie makes a face in disagreement. Eric says, "Well, it's gonna be." Julie says, "Well, it was mine for a while," and Eric says, "Well, it's gonna be mine when I see him again." Shut. UP. ERIC. Julie sort of half rolls her eyes at him. She starts to say something and then stops, looking really upset.

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