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Racism Is Bad

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Racism Is Bad

Before the episode starts, the screen goes black, and we see the following message: "Tonight's Real World deals with the complex issue of race relations in a frank manner. After the show, join us for an online chat." I think Melissa was the announcer, but I'm not sure. So, I'm expecting there to be big fireworks, and lots of heated conversations on tonight's episode, right? Or was that just a plug for MTV's website?

Previously, on the Real World: Melissa says she's always the weird one in the group. Does she mean because she's biracial, or because she's just plain weird? Jamie says that they all come from "really, really, really different walks of life." Melissa tells David that if he's going to like her, he has to know that she's half black, because to deny her father would bring on "a world of guilt."

In homage to last week's disaster of an episode, this one begins with a woman scatting while we see shots of the streets of New Orleans. At Belfort, Melissa is sitting on Jamie's lap at the computer desk. She tells him that she was talking to her friend on the phone, and telling her about Jamie, that she loves him and that he is a "beautiful, white, multi-millionaire" and Melissa is just "a brown piece of crap." Do you think Melissa has self-esteem issues? Also, in this scene, Jamie's head looks even larger than usual, probably because Melissa is so petite. Melissa continues recounting how her friend asked if she has tried anything with Jamie and Melissa told her she hasn't, and her friend said she was stupid. Then the gravitational pull of Jamie's Leery-esque head becomes too great for her, and she is drawn towards it, but she covers it up by kissing him on the forehead, so he doesn't feel bad about his deformity. That was kind of her. In an interview that we have seen before, Melissa says, "Why am I attracted to Jamie, aside from physical appearance?" and covers her face in embarrassment. Then she says she has to clean her glasses because they got so fogged up from sweating. I think she was sweating because she was nervous that she had to make up something attractive about Jamie to say. Back at the computer desk, Melissa says her friend asked her if her attraction to Jamie was bad, and Melissa replied, "It's bad, girl. I love him." This is getting embarrassing, especially since Jamie is just sitting there lapping it up, and not reciprocating in any way. It's almost as bad as Julie's googly eyes for Matt, but not quite. Jamie gives her a tiny kiss back. In an interview, Melissa finally answers the question posed earlier, and says that Jamie is "fun and spontaneous." Melissa teases Jamie that you can tell he doesn't have a girlfriend because he squirms when you touch his neck and ears, and that's what a girlfriend does. They do? Clearly, I have been lacking in my duties. I hope my boyfriend doesn't find out. Jamie relents and lets Melissa touch his neck while he studiously ignores her. She calls him a faker and reaches down and grabs his package. That part looked awfully familiar to me, so I rewind my tape to the "Melissa and Kelley vie for Jamie's affections" episode of a few weeks ago. Lo and behold, that last part was shown over the credits, just before Melissa chases the kilt-wearing Jamie around the house, singing, "Twig and berries!" Nothing like recycled footage to start off an episode on the right note.

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