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Race Relations and Other Practical Jokes

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Race Relations and Other Practical Jokes

Previously: Kevin's really, really concerned with Julie remaining a virgin. The loftmates all get together and play a nasty joke on Kevin and pretend they're what they're not. Kevin wigs.

Montage of blurry shots immediately post-joke on Kevin. Norman's on the phone, half-concerned, half-snickering, says, "We just lost our roommate." "Crazy" by Seal plays in the background. The most inadvertently funny part of this is Eric chewing them all out, saying, "I've been sleeping in his room for a month and then we just tell him I sleep with guys? Hell-OOO!!" He then waves a hand at Julie. "And look at you!" If it was anyone but Eric, I would think he was making fun of himself. As it is, it sounds like he's a bigger queen than Catharine the Great.

Julie's one-on-one. She says she thought it was obvious that it was a joke, since none of them are professional actors, but obviously, it wasn't to Kevin.

Back to the loft post-joke. Andre trots down the stairs, wearing wardrobe leftovers from Head of the Class. Somewhere, Howard Hesseman is nodding his head, saying, "That's where I left that houndstooth blazer." Eric, Julie, and Norman start all babbling at once about how Kevin freaked out and left. Andre is all, "You're kidding," and Julie, Norman, and Eric are like all, "We're so not kidding." Eric then does a non-dramatic non-reenactment.

Eric tells Andre that it's all his idea and therefore all his fault. Andre scoffs at this, quite roundly. Norman asks what they can do. Andre sort of rolls his eyes and says, "Well, what can we do? We can't summon him back!"

Andre's one-on-one. He says that Kevin thinking that he, Andre, would actually start a bluegrass band shows how little Kevin knows about him. One gets the impression that as far as Andre's concerned, Kevin can just go to hell for that offense.

Back to the loft. Andre's saying that Kevin feeling like an ass after he realizes it was all a joke is reward enough for him. He then hoots at Julie, who does a little bump-and-grind. Eric, his whiny post-pubescent voice cracking, tells her it's all her fault. Julie scoffs at him. Norman says, "Oh, yeah, it's everyone's fault except for Eric's." Please, could we get a little Lord of the Flies action here and could someone beat in Eric's head with a conch? Alas, it is not to be. There is more pointless bickering. Eric yells at Julie to go change.

Julie goes up the stairs, presumably to climb out of her ho-wear. Cut to Eric eating ice cream, saying, "I've done some mean things, but this is mean. Especially to leave him hanging there like that." This rare moment of self-insight is then cut short by him hollering, "You should've told him in the elevator, JULIE." God. If this were only a Warner Brothers cartoon, an anvil would drop on his head right now. Eric continues, "He's probably going to kill himself!" Julie yells, "Oh, he is not." Susan Lucci better watch out. Eric is giving her quite a run for her money in the histrionics department, here.

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