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Puffy's Dead!

At Malik's party, there is much cheering and drinking. Mike stands up on a table and praises Malik. I was hoping that Mike would hit his head on the ceiling fan, but no dice. In an interview, Malik says that it felt good to have all of the roommates there, even if Nicole wouldn't come, and that he feels like his family has grown.

At home, Nicole prepares for bed as the "I don't like anyone" song from the top of the episode plays. In an interview, Nicole cries as she says she is trying to be positive, but that everyone keeps telling her that she is stubborn. These shots are alternated with flashes of everyone having fun at the bar. Nicole climbs into bed. In an interview, Nicole sobs that it's hard to feel good about herself when people point out ways in which she is not, and that she's trying to change.

Next week: Rachel makes a poster that makes Mike mad for some reason. The girls make a pact to go on a date, and Lori meets a cute guy.

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