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Statue of Liberty Shot #5. Mike tells Lori and Kevin that it was weird to see his parents together. Lori and Kevin are lying on the couch, and I think this is the shot we saw in the "Lori loves Kevin" episode where she jumped on top of him on the couch. ["I would link to that but it's actually on the very same page to which I already linked, where Mike tells Malik and Coral that his uncle won't hire black people. What are the odds?" -- Wing Chun] Mike says that his dad told him he hopes he gets lucky. Mike and Kevin are both pretty disgusted. Have you seen Mike's dad? That is disgusting, not to mention inappropriate. Mike says he wouldn't want to hear that even if his parents were still married.

Malik leads a whole group of people into the house. In an interview, Malik says that these are his friends from California, and that they came out to celebrate his birthday. Nicole watches them all hug from the upstairs balcony. In an interview, Mike says that Malik's friends are diverse, and that all Mike's friends are white. The camera flashes on several of Malik's friends to show off the diversity, but I'm not even going to try to identify their ethnic makeup. Let's just say that they are all different colors. They all laugh and have a good time while Nicole watches them from upstairs.

Malik and his friends walk outside. Malik yells up to Quarrel, who is hanging out the window, that they are going to eat at his uncle's restaurant, and invites her to come. At the restaurant, Malik points out his various relatives and then hops up on the counter and gives his grandmother a kiss. His grandmother wishes him a happy birthday. Malik voice-overs that his friends know how important meeting his family is to him. And so do we, thanks to the approximately one thousand times it's been mentioned this week.

Lori lights candles on a bunch of cupcakes. Malik opens a present from Mike and Kevin. It's a drawing of Bob Marley, I think. Lori asks Nicole to come to the kitchen for five minutes. Nicole lies on the couch and gives Malik the stink-eye. In an interview, Quarrel says that Nicole is stubborn, and that it seems pointless for her to be mad at Malik. This from the same woman who held a grudge against Mike until, like, now. Malik blows out the candles on his cupcakes. Everyone cheers, and Nicole stares at them from her pouting spot on the couch. In an interview, Malik says that he hopes they will all get along someday.

In an interview, Nicole says that she didn't want to celebrate with people who love Malik, because she's not one of those people. Also, she didn't want to "be in that positive atmosphere with [her] negative vibes." In an interview, Kevin explains that they were all going out to a bar to have a party for Malik. In an interview, Malik says that he made sure to invite Nicole, but that he knew she wouldn't come. Malik walks by the pouting spot without so much as a glance at Nicole. She similarly ignores him. In a confessional, Nicole says that she doesn't go to parties for people she doesn't like, and that she did wish Malik a happy birthday, which she thinks was big, because she doesn't wish people she doesn't like a happy birthday. Who has all these rules? Are they written down somewhere? Does she need to consult the rulebook on special occasions? Next week, I expect Nicole to be reading a book called The Big Book of Pointless Grudges, and looking in the index for "Happy Birthdays, Wishing." Because otherwise, I don't understand how she knows what is big of her, and what is not. Malik leaves, and Nicole continues to read her book and pout.

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