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Puffy's Dead!

Malik stands outside and voice-overs that he's waiting for his aunt and grandmother to pick him up, and that he's really nervous. Malik's aunt arrives and kisses him hello. She tells Malik that he's handsome. Malik's uncle and grandmother step out of the car. Aw, Malik looks so happy. Grandma Ruby kind of trips over the curb, but Malik is right there to help her out and give her a big hug. His aunt points out again that Malik is handsome, like, did they expect him to be really ugly? Grandma Ruby jokes that Malik looks almost as good as she does and then shoots a look at the camera. Hee!

Malik sits in the back seat of the car with his grandmother. His aunt asks whether they look anything like he expected. Malik says that he can see a little bit of himself in each of them, and Grandma Ruby smiles and pats him on the leg. Hold on, I've got to go call my grandmother and tell her that I love her. In an interview, Malik says that while his mother raised him, he doesn't look anything like his mother's family, so it's great to meet his father's family at last. In the car, Malik softly says, "I can see where I come from."

Mike and Kevin go to dinner with Mike's parents. Mike's dad starts spouting off that Cleveland is a ruined city, and mostly blames it on minorities. He doesn't come right out and say it, couching his discourse in terms like "bad people," and "lack of education." Basically, he's racist, but you can hear echoes of what he's saying in that speech Mike gave to Quarrel and Malik about his uncle not hiring black people. So now we know where Mike got it. Mike sits there silently, with a completely disgusted look on his face. Kevin tries to keep up the conversation without getting sucked into the racial quagmire. Change the subject! Change the subject! In an interview, Mike says that he grew up looking up to his father, so it's weird to hear him make "prejudiced comments that he probably doesn't even realize are prejudiced." You see? Mike has grown! He's changed! I thought they usually saved this crap for the final episode of the season.

Malik eats dinner with his family at a diner, and they tell him about all his cousins and uncles and such. In an interview, Malik says that he always wanted a big family, and that now he has one. Malik explains to his relatives that he always looked to his friends to be like family to him, and that he thinks of Quarrel like a sister. In an interview, Malik says that he wanted the girls to go to dinner with his family, but that it was too cold. Wimps. Malik unwittingly introduces the next segment by saying that when people are shut up in a house, they get stir-crazy.

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