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Puffy's Dead!

Mary-Ellis Bunim: Do you think anyone is still watching this show? Because I don't even want to watch this show anymore.
Jonathan Murray: Oh, our demographics show that ratings are....
Bunim: Shut up. Why can't we make this show more like Love Cruise? I think we need to introduce the Balls of Shame.
Murray: Well, I think Kevin might protest.

After the disclaimer that they aren't re-editing the episodes, Malik gets a phone call from Grandma Ruby, his father's mother. They both seem excited to talk to each other at last. In an interview, Malik says that his grandmother always knew that she had a grandson, and that she has been waiting to meet him. Grandma Ruby says that they want to come and meet him, and is generally just really sweet. A cynical part of my brain wonders why they waited until Malik was on a television show to meet him, if they've known about him since he was born. But I'm just going to tell myself that they couldn't afford, or didn't want, to go all the way to California to meet him. Cynical Part wonders if they couldn't have called or sent a letter or something. Shut up, Cynical Part! Grandma Ruby is cute.

Oh, boy. Mike's parents just showed up. How to describe them? His dad looks exactly like I pictured him. He's a little overweight, and he's got a butt cut (you know, parted in the middle and feathered on the sides). Also, a thin moustache and tinted glasses. Very Midwestern. His mother looks nothing like I expected. She's got really long blonde hair, and a ton of makeup on. In an interview, Mike says that he wants his roommates to meet his parents, but that he's "kind of shaky on Nicole and Coral." Mike thinks that Quarrel has been "hurt by white people," so he doesn't know how she'll react. Mike introduces his parents to Quarrel, who shakes their hands. She's not, like, jumping up and down or anything, but she's certainly been ruder to other people in the house. In an interview, Quarrel says that Mike's parents weren't what she expected, and that Mike's mom looks like "a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader." Heh. She kind of does, but, like, thirty years later.

Mike shows off his room. In an interview, Nicole says she hopes that when Mike's parents see how Mike interacts with the black people in the house, it will affect their perceptions of other races. Or something. I think I snoozed off there in the middle. Mike introduces Kevin to his parents. In a confessional, Mike says that he asked all of his roommates to go to dinner with his parents, but only Kevin went. Mike didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but he really wanted them all to go. So, he expected them to read his mind, apparently. Also, after what they've heard about Mike's parents, would you want to go to dinner with the guy? I wouldn't.

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