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Mike's mother calls him and says, "We're coming to visit you." Mike is confused by the use of the word "we're," since his parents are divorced, and have been since he was in the fifth grade. In fact, they had a "really bad divorce," according to Mike. And now his dad took his mom out for Valentine's Day, and Mike doesn't know what's going on. That is pretty weird.

Rachel, Lori, and Mike discuss their parents. Some random guy is sitting between Lori and Rachel, but he doesn't get any Hip, Non-Squiggly Font, so I have no idea who the dude is. As they talk, they realize that none of the roommates have parents who are still together. Hmm. All of these people have divorced parents, and they all seemed to want attention so badly that they went on this show to get it. Coincidence? Not that all people with divorced parents want attention.

Mike and Malik go out to eat and discuss parents. Mike says that his parents used him as a middleman during their divorce, and would talk bad about each other to him. Ugh, I hate when couples put their kids in the middle like that. Or even worse, use their kids in power plays against each other. Malik comments that he never knew his father, but he knows what an effect his father had on the family. Mike asks what he means, and Malik says that when his father left, he stole all their money, so Malik's family had to go on welfare. Wow, I bet Mike feels bad now for complaining that his parents talked bad about each other. In an interview, Malik says that his father left when he was six months old, so he really has no recollection of his father. Mike asks why Malik's father took the money. I think the proper response by Malik would be, "Because he's an asshole." Instead, Malik says that his father had a new girlfriend and wanted the money to start a new life. In an interview, Malik says that his father hurt his whole family, but that his father has taught him more in his absence than he would have in his presence.

Quarrel braids Malik's hair while Malik continues to discuss his father. Apparently, Malik's father moved all over the place, and like Johnny Appleseed, spread his seed wherever he went. So, Malik has a bunch of half-brothers and sisters that he's never met, and some of them live in New York. Malik reminds us that his mother is white, so the white side of his family raised him. Malik has never met his father's family. Malik tells Quarrel that he especially wants to meet his grandmother. In an interview, Malik explains that he keeps procrastinating calling them, and that part of him is nervous that they won't receive him into their family. So, to sum up, Malik hasn't called them.

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