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Pretty and Witty and Gay

Willie and Karamo walk down the street, and Willie comments that it's "so wack" that there's not "a diverse gay scene" in Philadelphia. Do people really still say "wack"? In a non-ironic way? Usually the gays are the first to know these things. Maybe it's so out that it's back in a retro way, sort of like how I always say that things are "awesome" or "grody." Karamo agrees that the situation is "horrible," like Karamo would participate in any gay scene, unless it involved many manly activities like football and beer drinking. Which the gay scene does, if Karamo would open his mind a little bit. Willie interviews that he hasn't dated in two years, and that he's kind of picky, so he hasn't "been feeling anybody." Hee! Hee hee. Because the feeling -- it has two meanings there. Oh, you got it.

Willie asks Karamo what kind of guy he's looking for. Karamo wants "a masculine man with some flava to him, who exudes hip-hop style." He wants to date Vanilla Ice? Because I think that's the last person I heard described as having "flava." Willie says that he doesn't have a type. Karamo says he would give any type a try, but that he hates feminine men. Willie points out that hip-hop doesn't mean "not feminine," and that he doesn't date guy who "twirl" around the bar either. Are they using "hip-hop" here as a synonym for "black"? Or "brown"? I need a dictionary. Willie interviews that he's either single for a while, or he's in a committed relationship for a while. Thanks, Sister Obvious. I guess he means that he doesn't date casually for long. I don't know. This whole conversation needed subtext subtitles, like when Denis Leary talks to his dad on Rescue Me.

Willie and Karamo enter a gay club. Karamo interviews that he's glad Willie is there, because he wouldn't have "seeked [sic] out the gay scene" alone. Some people dance on a stage (I'm not going to guess at a glance whether they're men, women, transgendered, whatever) and Willie tells Karamo, "You've gotta give it up for trannies. Because they got more balls than any of us." Karamo agrees, and smiles for about the first time this season.

Karamo, Shavonda, Melanie, Willie, and Sarah go out to breakfast. Willie says he's getting a mimosa, and Mel wonders if they can get a pitcher. Sarah, of course, starts discussing the different types of men that she loves. Karamo points out that everyone at the table loves boys. Well, that's assuming that Melanie's straight, I guess. Willie interviews that Sarah is "very free-spirited and open-minded and definitely likes to have fun." Translation: she'll do anal, and if you have drugs, she will try some, no matter what kind they are. I'm sorry, but that's what it means. I don't make these things up. Sarah tells the table that she's always dropping food down her boobs, which is something every woman does. I hope. Because I do it all the time. I just don't feel the need to tell people about it. Sarah interviews that her breasts are "an expensive accessory" and that she's "obsessed with them." Willie jokingly puts food in Sarah's cleavage, and she tucks a napkin in there and tells him that he has to name her breasts before he can treat them like that. Everyone gets a big kick out of that.

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