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Pregnant Pause

In an interview, Trishelle says that she feels like her dad has certain ideas about who she should be, and she's not living up to them. Well, he's a parent. Of course he has hopes and dreams and expectations. Trishelle charges in and tells Brynn and Alton that she hates her father and that he's an asshole for shaming her. In an interview, Brynn says that Trishelle is trying to become more open (slutty), and she's also becoming more aware of what she's doing and how it reflects on her family. Trishelle cries that her father doesn't even love her. Brynn hugs her. I think she just copped a feel. In an interview, Trishelle says that she wants her father to accept her no matter what she does, and be proud of her no matter what. Didn't he just tell her that he loves her unconditionally? I think she only hears the negative things her father says. Trishelle says that she feels like she doesn't have anyone and "people need to have family." What about Buffy? Trishelle is seriously wacked. She lies on her bed and cries.

Next week: They start their job, which is to throw parties. Irulan and Frank get in a fight.

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