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Pregnant Pause

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Pregnant Pause

Alton sits and plays his violin while looking out the window. In an interview, he says he's not ready to be a father. Alton talks about it with Steven. In a confessional, Alton says that if he and Melissa do have a baby, maybe it will be "that motivative force" that will make him handle all his business. I don't know what that means. Steven asks Alton how his religion feels about this. One of these roommates has a religion? Could've fooled me. Alton says that, at first, he was thinking there was no way he wanted Melissa to keep the baby, but now he's thinking she should. In a confessional, Alton says that he was planning on going to medical school to become a veterinarian, but if Melissa is pregnant, that's probably not going to happen. He still could. I mean, it would be really hard, but it's not like it hasn't been done before. Alton says that it's just a crazy situation. Alton talks to Melissa on the phone and finds out that she started her period. He's greatly relieved, but says that he has mixed emotions. Alton voice-overs that when all is said and done, he hopes to get back together with Melissa and marry her. What? Where did that come from? Steven congratulates Alton on his news, as does Irulan.

Trishelle talks to her father on the phone. In an interview, Trishelle says that she's expecting her dad to hit the roof and refuse to talk to her anymore, and also to make her come home. Frankly, I think those would all be fairly reasonable reactions. Big Daddy says that Buffy called him and told him about Trishelle's adventures. Trishelle assures him that things are better now, and that she's not going to do that again. Big Daddy says he doesn't think Trishelle is gay, and Trishelle says that she's not. Big Daddy urges her not to do it again. Trishelle asks if that's why he called. He reminds her of how much Buffy has helped her, and how much he has helped her, and asks if Trishelle would do something to shame them and bring misery to the whole family. Trishelle voice-overs that her father has to realize that she's growing up (hardly), and she's doing okay (yeah, right), and she'll be fine whether she takes his advice or not. Big Daddy asks Trishelle if she wants to hurt people who unconditionally love her. Trishelle says no. Big Daddy says that she will hurt them if she continues to act this way. Trishelle brats, "Is that all?" Big Daddy says that he hopes so, and he hopes that the next time they speak, "it will be a lot more jovial." They hang up. Okay, based on Trishelle's description, I was expecting a monster. Taking into consideration that I don't know the whole family history, I didn't think her father said anything wrong or mean. He expressed concern, and he reminded her that what she does in front of the cameras will affect her family, too. Which it will. If she were just off at college somewhere doing these things, then it wouldn't be a big deal. But she knows it's going to be aired, and I think that's what he's talking about here. I know I'm old when I start agreeing with the parents' side of things.

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