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Pregnant Pause

Frank tells Arissa (who is wearing two tons of makeup) and Steven that he thinks Trishelle really wants to "do exciting stuff like that" with Steven but "she brings this, like, innocence to the table." I thought Frank was debunked of that "innocence" notion in the last episode. In a confessional, Frank say that, at first, he thought Trishelle was a lot like him, but now he realizes that she doesn't care about or respect herself. And as much as I kind of agree with him on the lack of self-respect issue, something about the way he says it with such disgust makes me think he has major issues with female sexuality. In a confessional, Trishelle says that she wishes she could rewind the night because she would have done things differently. Here's an idea: stop getting so drunk that you make poor decisions.

Trishelle tells Brynn that she doesn't know why, but she felt uncomfortable. Brynn asks if she's referring to the threesome. Trishelle is, but she says she was also uncomfortable seeing Brynn and Steven together. Frank opines that Trishelle uses drunkenness as an excuse, and says that it wasn't her doing those things. In an interview, Arissa says that she thinks Trishelle uses drinking as "an excuse to possibly let out her true self." Trishelle says that she doesn't want Steven to think she likes him, because during the day (when she's sober, natch), she doesn't. Trishelle asks, "Is that the alcohol, or is that me? I mean, I don't understand." She makes me tired. Brynn tells Trishelle that it's her, not the alcohol. Out in the hall, Arissa says that she almost feels bad for Trishelle, because she has "some serious issues that she might not be ready to face."

Trishelle talks to her sister Buffy on the phone. Buffy is all bubbly and says that Trishelle sounds depressed. Trishelle says that there is crazy stuff going on. In an interview, Trishelle says that she feels closest to her sister, and that her sister is a lot like her mom. She adds that her sister looks out for her and knows what's best for her. Which is nice and all, but again, isn't it time Trishelle started figuring out what's best for herself instead of putting that responsibility on others? I really want Dr. Phil to do a show with these people. That would be awesome. Trishelle tells her sister that she already hooked up with one of her roommates, and that last night she hooked up with a different roommate, and this roommate wasn't a boy. Buffy is kind of shocked, but manages to be pretty cool about it, considering. Buffy says that Trishelle can make her own decisions, and that Buffy might not agree with them, but that she'll always be supportive. Trishelle asks Buffy to tell their dad about it. You know, I think that's a conversation I would wait on. Obviously, she wants to tell him before it's broadcast on national television, but does he need to know right now? In an interview, Trishelle says that she wants Buffy to tell her dad because she's scared of his reaction. Buffy closes the conversation by admonishing Trishelle to be careful.

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