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Pregnant Pause

Trishelle gets out of the tub and slurs something about how she's never done a three-way. Steven follows her into her room, leaving Brynn sitting there alone. Trishelle whispers to Steven that she's pretty innocent and hasn't been with that many people, but now she's going wild. Suddenly, Steven is lying on top of Trishelle and they are making out. Irulan sneaks over and takes a picture of them. Brynn scampers into the bedroom and tries to get in on it. Brynn, they don't want you. You are extraneous. Frank, Irulan, and Arissa stand outside the door and listen in. Brynn, Steven, and Trishelle hop into the same bed and pull up the covers. Brynn says that Trishelle is naked, and Trishelle slurs that she's not. She's all Anna Nicole Smith over there with the slurring. In a confessional, Arissa sits on Irulan's lap and says that she doesn't know what's going on, but she's stuck in a porno. Isn't that a U2 song? "You've got to get yourself together, you've been stuck in a porno, and you can't get out of it." Meanwhile, Steven and Trishelle totally love each other up and Steven has his back to Brynn. No one wants her there. This is the least sexy threesome ever. It's really just a twosome and then Brynn.

In a confessional, Trishelle says that she feels like tonight was really crazy, and that stuff happened that she didn't want to happen, and she feels like she didn't stick up for herself enough. Oh, take some responsibility. This just comes off like she did want to do it, but is just now realizing (as she sobers up) how bad it's going to make her look. What, did she trip and fall onto Brynn's mouth at the club? Was she making out with Brynn and Steven in the tub while Frank held a gun to her head? Or did they handcuff her to the bed so she couldn't get up and leave? Wait, don't answer that last one. In the kitchen, Trishelle tells Irulan that she feels like the night was overwhelming. Brynn says that she's in it for the fun and games. In an interview, Brynn says that Trishelle and Steve were in his bed, and that she went in and made out with Steve, and then Trishelle, and then she walked out. They show the footage again, and it still looks very much like Steven and Trishelle were doing something and Brynn was just lying there trying to join in. In a confessional, Trishelle says that she doesn't like that Steven hooked up with her and then immediately hooked up with Brynn. So is she ashamed of being in the threesome or mad at Steven for hooking up with someone else? Also, way to shift responsibility to Steven.

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