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Pregnant Pause

In an interview, Steven delivers the news that Las Vegas is a great place to party. Really? I hadn't heard that before. The roommates go out to a club again. Just watching them go out all the time is making me really tired. I couldn't tell you the last time I was in a bar. My friend Molly and I were just talking about this the other day. Now that I'm an old lady, hanging out in bars is just not entertaining anymore. I probably haven't been inside a bar in a year, and even then it was just to see my friend's band play. So you can see how I have trouble relating to these people. Brynn dances up a storm and Steven bites her butt. No, he really bites it. In an interview, Steven says he thinks it's great when women are bisexual. Ugh. Shut up, Steven. Brynn and Trishelle dance together. Another woman puts her arm around Brynn, and Trishelle tells her that Brynn is her girlfriend. Just something I thought I would point out in light of later events: Trishelle was flirting with Brynn all along. Trishelle hugs Brynn and says she loves her. In an interview, Brynn says that Trishelle won't make the first move, but Brynn will. Brynn suggests a kiss to Trishelle and they start making out right there on the dance floor. Mary-Ellis must have wet herself when she saw this footage.

Back at the suite, all the girls get into bikinis and hop into the Jacuzzi. As you do. The funniest part about this scene to me is that they don't even have, like, a proper hot tub like most other seasons have had. They have a Jacuzzi tub that looks like it's maybe meant for three or four people tops, and yet they all hang out and pile into it. All four girls and Steven hang out in the Jacuzzi while Frank sits on the outside and stares creepily. Suddenly, Brynn is sitting on Steven's lap, facing Trishelle. Irulan takes pictures. In an interview, Brynn says that all of her roommates were in the bathtub, and it was sweet. Steven and Trishelle make fuck-me eyes at each other over Brynn's shoulder. Frank stares at them creepily. Trishelle's boob is right in Brynn's face. Steven starts kissing Brynn's neck and shoulders. Okay, I have to stop with the detail because this is a family site. Not really, but it's just too much. In an interview, Irulan says that she would expect this behavior from Steven and Brynn, but that Trishelle surprised her. Sometimes Trishelle looks like Mary-Louise Parker in her death scene in Fried Green Tomatoes. (Hope I didn't spoil that one for you.) In an interview, Frank says that he's a pretty wild person in his hometown, but in Vegas he's tame. Oh, Frank. You're tame at home, too. Vandalizing a fraternity house and taking a dump on the floor are not wild acts. Stupid acts? Yes. But not wild. In an interview, Frank gets off a funny line when he says that he's not the type of person who would hook up in a hot tub that is filled with "disease and infestation." I notice the disease didn't bother him when he was staring creepily. Steven and Trishelle start swallowing each other's faces and totally ignoring Brynn, so Brynn pretends she's happy just lying there while they make out on top of her, because she has no choice. The other roommates are still all sitting there watching, which I just don't get. At the first kiss, I would have been so out of there.

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