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Pregnant Pause

Trishelle, Arissa, Irulan, and Brynn lie around and talk. Trishelle says that when she told her father she had made it on the show, he said that he was disappointed in her. That's exactly what I would say. Score one for Mr. Trishelle. Trishelle says that her father hurts her feelings a lot, and often tells her that she's a screw-up. Well, she is. I mean, maybe he could be a bit more supportive, but it's not like he's a liar. In an interview, Trishelle has the fattest face ever. I don't know what the story is with that. Anyway, she says she feels like her daddy wasn't there for her when her mother died, and she feels like he should have been there "to guide [her] or whatever." So far in this episode, Trishelle has told us about two people that she needs to guide her. Can she think for herself? She's twenty-two years old. Brynn starts bragging about how great her father is, and how he brags about her. Wow, way to make Trishelle feel better. Trishelle says that she doesn't have anyone to be proud of her now. What about Buffy? And Bryan? In an interview, Irulan must be a psych major because she says that losing her mother in early adolescence clearly affected Trishelle's confidence. Irulan thinks Trishelle "sees herself through her father's eyes, and her father has made her feel like a second-class citizen." Okay, but she's an adult now. Get some therapy and move on like the rest of us. Trishelle stares vacantly at her pillow.

Alton tells Irulan about his potential baby, and that Melissa is mad at him for ragging on her about birth control. Irulan says that it's Melissa's responsibility to make sure she's pregnant before calling Alton up and involving him. Of course, Irulan doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant, because she doesn't have enough body fat to menstruate. Seriously, she is the skinniest little thing ever. Alton says that Melissa made a doctor's appointment in a week, and he thinks she should go buy an EPT right now. In the most weirdly edited audio ever, Irulan asks if Melissa would keep the baby, and Alton says that she would. But his sentence was clearly cut off right in the middle, and now I'm all wondering what else he said there. Alton and Irulan go down to the bar. Alton raves about how great his relationship with Melissa was. In an interview, Alton says that Melissa was his first true love. Alton tells Irulan that their relationship changed. In an interview, Irulan says that Alton really misses Melissa, and that he must really love her. Irulan says that she doesn't expect boyfriends to buy her things. What does that have to do with anything? Irulan is totally digging on Alton, by the way.

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