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Pregnant Pause

The roommates go out to a club. Steven and Trishelle start making out again. Okay, I wouldn't put it past the editors to air the segments out of sequence. That said, as far as we know, this hookup is happening after Trishelle told her brother-in-law how much she regretted hooking up with her roommate. I think we need to call Laura Branigan in to sing about self-control. In an interview, Arissa says that when Trishelle is drunk, she turns into Brynn, and that there is "some form of competition." Steven and Trishelle head for the elevator and start making out again. Trishelle breaks away and says that they have got to stop. And yet, when they get back to the suite, they hop into bed together. Trishelle is modeling another chemise from the Jaclyn Smith Collection at K-Mart. In an interview, Trishelle says that she and Steven are just having fun. Trishelle crawls into bed and drunkenly mumbles that she doesn't want to puke. Sexy.

The next morning, Brynn yells that someone needs to trade rooms with her. She begs Trishelle and Steven to stop making out in the other bed. In an interview, Brynn says that Steven and Trishelle can do whatever they want, but that she doesn't like to hear them kissing. While I understand her point, she know, leave. Not that she should have to leave her own room, but it would solve the immediate problem, and then later, she could ask them politely to refrain from making out while she's in the room. But then, you know, the other roommates (and the cameras) wouldn't pay attention to her. It's so much more likely to air if she just yells and calls attention to herself. Brynn then begs them to get into bed with her. In an interview, Brynn says that she would like to "partake in some activities with both of them." Trishelle gets up and tells Steven that he has to stay there every single night. Brynn whines, "Um, no." And as soon as Trishelle is out of the room, she strips down and hops in bed with Steven. Okay, she didn't really do that, but she might as well have.

Alton opens a package and pulls out a stuffed animal. He reads a note from a girl named Melissa. In an interview, Alton says that Melissa is his ex-girlfriend and his best friend, and that he saw her shortly before he came to Las Vegas. Of course, by "saw," he means "fucked," which we will find out shortly. Alton talks to Melissa on the phone. She informs him that her period is late. He asks how late. She tells him, but since we don't know what day this is being filmed on, it's meaningless. From his reaction, it seems pretty late. He asks if she's been taking her birth control, and he also calls her "dude." And while birth control is the responsibility of both parties, if she told him she was taking the Pill and she wasn't, then that kind of sucks. Then again, the Pill is not 100% effective, so who knows? Melissa says that she made a doctor's appointment to get a pregnancy test. Alton delicately tries to ask what she's going to do if she is pregnant. Okay, maybe not delicately, but at least he made it clear that it's her decision. I don't know. Obviously, it's a shitty situation to be in for a woman, but I usually feel kind of bad for the guys, too. There is just no right thing to say in that situation. Melissa says that they'll have to talk about it, but then says that she's probably going to keep it. Alton voice-overs that he's not ready to have a child. Alton tells Melissa that they will definitely have to talk about it. I don't get why she hasn't taken a home pregnancy test. I would have done that before calling the guy involved, especially if we weren't currently in a relationship. Overall, I think Alton handled that fairly well. Could've been better, but we didn't see the entire conversation, so I'm just going to imagine that we missed the part where he was really supportive and asked how she was doing with the whole situation and everything. Look, most of these roommates are just horrible people. Let me have my fantasies so that I can make it through the season.

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