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Pregnant Pause

Previously on The Real World: It was just sick and sad.

Trishelle talks on the phone to Bryan, her brother-in-law. She says that she's been too busy to talk to "Daddy." "Daddy"? That's foreshadowing, right there. Trishelle runs down her roommates, and says that all of the girls are pretty, and that all of the boys are cute. Then she admits that, on the first night, she hooked up with one of her roommates, even though she swore she wouldn't do that. It even entered her mind beforehand? Like she consciously thought, "Trishelle, now, you can't go hooking up with one of your roommates! No matter how drunk you get!" That would never even enter my mind. Especially knowing that it would be broadcast on national television. In an interview, Trishelle says that her sister Buffy (and seriously, what is wrong with their parents and the names?) is her best friend and gives her advice. Clearly, not enough. Trishelle says that Buffy is her older sister, so Buffy "knows what's going on." Have you ever noticed the completely vacant look in Trishelle's eyes? There is just nothing going on in there. Trishelle and Bryan giggle about how mad Buffy will be about the hookup. Hee! I made an ass of myself on national television. Isn't that hilarious?

Trishelle begs Frank not to get into the big shower, because she needs to use it. Frank parades around in his boxers like he's the shit. When really, as we all read on The Smoking Gun this week, he just enjoys taking shits in fraternity houses and then getting arrested. Brynn yells that Frank should get in the smaller shower, and then she and Trishelle can shower together in the bigger one. Would that ever occur to you? Is it me? Am I just missing something here? Would you ever ask your roommate of less than a week to shower with you? Screw that "less than a week" crap. Would you ever, as an adult, take a shower with someone you are not romantically involved with? On national television? If so, I saw a commercial saying that they are casting for the next season of this show right now. Send in your tape. In an interview, Brynn says that she and Trishelle are a lot alike, but that Brynn is a lot crazier. Crazy, hmmm? Interesting choice of words there. Brynn and Trishelle shower together. Irulan runs up and peeks through the shower door to see what's going on. In an interview, Brynn says that she thinks she could corrupt Trishelle, not that she wants to, except that she kind of does.

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