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Politics and Strange Bedfellows

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Politics and Strange Bedfellows

Previously: The girls get sent to Jamaica with one mission: FIND MEN, i.e., hot, foreign slabs of love-flesh. Unfortunately, the men in Jamaica are mostly vacationing dorks from the U.S. or native sleazeballs, so Becky sleeps with a Real World director instead. Oh, and she and Kevin get over the whole fight thing.

Norman and some guy, arms wrapped around himself, are walking Gouda at night. The guy starts playfully shoving Norman and resting his head on his shoulder. I'm convinced it's his boyfriend until I realize, it's Eric. Okay, anyone who doesn't think Eric is a closeted queen, please raise your hand. That boy has enough sugar in his loafers to make a bag of caramels. I must confess that my days as an inveterate fag-hag make me more inclined to Eric when I see that he may be an enormous moron; it doesn't seem like he's a homophobe.

Heather's one-on-one. She tells us she talked to Charles, Norman's SO, when he called. Julie made her stay on the phone because she thought Norman might be coming up the street. Heather rolls her eyes and says that when Norman came in, he snatched the phone out of her hands. She pauses. "I'm just worried about Norman getting hurt."

Norman and Julie are having a big heart-to-heart on the sofa. They're talking about a political rally that Norman and Charles are going to, and I think Charles dissed Norman for some other obligations. Norman, in his one-on-one, says he doesn't know whether Charles is only recreationally dating, but Norman's in a more serious mode, and he may have bitten off more than he could handle.

"Under the Bridge" by Red Hot Chili Peppers plays as, in a spectacularly clumsy segue, a montage of clips contrasting the homeless in New York with obscene wealth rolls by.

Julie and Andre are walking the dog in the city. Norman's voice-over tells us about Julie running into a Reaganville, a homeless camp of people who were thrown out of their apartments and mental institutions during Ronald "No Alzheimer's For Me!" Reagan's tenure. And -- coincidentally -- they are actually Under A Bridge! Gedditt? GEDDITT?? Because, if not, Bunim-Murray has an anvil that they keep in store for those of you who don't get it.

Speaking of anvils. The Phil Collins song "Another Day in Paradise" plays as Andre and Julie walk by shopping carts, people huddled in trash, etc., in some sort of building structure. They go over by a railing. Andre starts smoking. Julie can't stop watching the homeless people. You can tell she's appalled and fascinated.

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