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Playin' at the Talent Show

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Playin' at the Talent Show

Previously: We learned about Eric's modeling non-career, and Julie's dance non-career. Heather fell while walking the dog. Becky wore a headscarf.

Gouda the dog chases Smokey the cat up the loft's stairs, barking all the way. Cut to Andre strumming his guitar. (Not a euphemism -- he's actually strumming his guitar.) I almost pass out from shock; I'd completely forgotten that he lived in the loft, too. Andre starts improvising a song about Gouda the dog and how annoying his barking is.

Andre's interview. He's talking about how he hates being sick, especially because his band has a show coming up.

Eric, baseball cap on backward, gives Julie directions and tells her to follow his directions, since the map is wrong. These scenes are intercut with shots of Julie getting on and off the subway and getting hideously lost as "Road to Nowhere" plays. Julie's voice-over tells us how the Broadway Dance Center offers the best training that can get you a job later. ["I think that place is featured in Center Stage, the greatest movie of all time." -- Wing Chun]

Shots of Julie dancing to some generic pop song. We see her instructor telling her that "the style is there, once you relaxed and let yourself go."

Eric on the phone. He's talking about the next john -- er, job -- his modeling agency is sending him to. It's some assignment for a men's fitness magazine and it involves him lying on a couch wearing only pants with a half-naked woman.

So the photographer poses them together suggestively, and Eric's voice-over talks about how beautiful Karen the model is and how great her body is, and how they started involuntarily making out and the photographer told them to "go with it." Eric smirks, "I didn't have a problem with it. She didn't seem to have a problem with it. So we went, and went, and went, and went.." repeat ad nauseam. The next three thousand minutes are filled with shots of Eric and Karen making out as the photographer snaps pictures of them. Later on we see them in the dressing room as Karen gets her make-up retouched, and with her beetling brows, prominent pro-orbital ridge and wolfish snout, she reminds me a lot of Amanda Peet from Jack & Jill. The stylist jokes that they have to exchange phone numbers now, like on Studs, and Eric says, "Well, I don't know, did I win? Am I a stud?" And the heavens answer with a resounding "NO," but Karen the man-girl model walks over, cigarette in teeth, to shake his hand.

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