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Previously on The Real World: Jisela showed everyone her dancing shoes. Malik said he's been attracted to Jisela since the beginning. He has? I don't remember that. Rachel confessed to Kevin that she was grounded for having her belly button pierced and said she considers herself to be "very mommied."

Just a production note: Bunim and Murray were unavailable for comment this week. It's possible that they have both been admitted to a private facility for "exhaustion," but that's just a rumor. We hope they will return next week.

A montage of the apartment shows that it's very cluttered and dirty. I sense that we are going to see one of the Real World staples: the fight over how disgusting their living space has become. In an interview, Lori says that it's Rachel's week to clean, and that she's not doing it. There are dirty dishes all over the counters and clutter everywhere. Quarrel surveys the destruction as Nicole voice-overs that Quarrel doesn't like to live in filth, so she and Rachel will definitely fight it out. Rachel blows her hair dry in the bathroom. Quarrel walks in and reminds Rachel of her cleaning responsibilities. Rachel says that she's going to do it. Quarrel says that her friend is visiting, and she wants the house to be clean for the visit. In an interview, Rachel says that she knows she's responsible for cleaning, but she wishes Quarrel wasn't on her back about it. Rachel tells Quarrel that she doesn't like being told what to do. Quarrel says that she doesn't want to be a bitch about it. Because usually, Quarrel goes out of her way to avoid bitchery. Except in practically every episode this season. Quarrel voice-overs that everyone has a week for cleanup, and no one complained about it, except Rachel. I think this is the dumbest cleaning system ever. They should each be responsible for their own stuff -- keeping their common areas tidy, washing their own dirty dishes. And then each week, one person has to vacuum, clean the bathroom and the kitchen, etc. That makes a lot more sense to me than expecting one person to clean up everyone's stinky dishes and the magazine Nicole left on the coffee table. Anyway, Quarrel blames the fact that Rachel is eighteen, when I think it has more to do with the fact that Rachel is lazy. Rachel asks what she's supposed to say, and Quarrel tells her not to say anything, because there's nothing to say. Rachel starts cleaning up. In an interview, Nicole says that Rachel is an only child, and that her mom probably cleaned up after her a lot. In an interview, Mike says that Rachel has been with her mom her whole life, and that Quarrel has been on her own, so Quarrel has a hard time understanding that.

Rachel talks to her mom on the phone. Her mom keeps asking whether Rachel's following the USDA food pyramid. I understand that Rachel's mom is concerned, but what kid, when she first leaves home, worries about getting enough fruits and vegetables? I don't even worry about that now, but I know when I was in college, it was all pizza and beer. And tater tots. I guess that kind of counts as a vegetable. I'm surprised that I didn't get the scurvy. Rachel voice-overs that her parents got divorced when she was two, so she's been alone with her mom for a long time. Rachel is all that her mother has, and without her mom, Rachel would be lost.

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