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Play It Again (And Again, And Again)

Previously on The Real World: The boys walked around in the snow and talked about how much they hate the girls, Quarrel and Nicole in particular. The Bullies picked on Rachel until she cried.

The phone rings while all of the roommates are sleeping. But it's not the phone -- it's the doorbell. It sounds just like a phone. Malik answers, wearing only a towel. Some delivery guy is there, with a package.

Apparently, the package was delivered, and opened, but we don't get to see any of that. Instead, Rachel calls her mom to say that she is leaving that day to go to Casablanca, "which is in Morocco." So, once again, the roommates go to Africa, and once again, they have no say in the matter. And once again, I really don't care.

Quarrel is excited to go to Morocco because it's 98% Muslim, and she's Muslim. She is? Okay. If she says so. Nicole appears for the first time this season with no makeup, and I think she looks cute, but her hair is all in her face so that you can't see it. Nicole and Rachel look at some pictures of Morocco and get excited. Nicole reveals that they only have six hours before they leave. I guess that's "the twist" of the vacation -- they have to get ready, like, really fast. Oh, the hijinks that will ensue! I think my first priority would be to do laundry, because I definitely would not have enough clean clothes to last a week. Unless I had just done laundry the day before. In which case -- score for me!

The guys sit and watch some other guys play basketball. They discuss how they only have forty-five minutes until they have to leave, and they haven't even started packing yet. I smell the inevitable "the cab to the airport is here but the guys aren't ready yet!" tension brewing. Kevin wishes that they could delay their trip for a week, and go without the girls. Malik points out that they should try to be positive on this trip. Mike manages to chew his gum and hold his mouth agape all at the same time.

Back at the apartment, the girls are packing. Packing, packing, packing. The guys are packing too. Then they get on a bus. Contrary to the non-tension set up just a moment ago, no one is shown as being late or holding things up. They go to the airport. Rachel has to pee. They get off the bus. An airplane flies into the sunset. Suddenly, there are camels. This cracks me up, because someone was complaining on the forums this week that this show isn't an hour long, when so many other reality shows are. Look at all the filler they have to put in just to fill out a half-hour show! I guess if this were an hour-long show, we would have been able to see the entire ride to the airport, and possibly, Rachel going to pee before boarding the plane. Maybe we would have seen them jostling for seat assignments. That would have been gripping television.

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