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Pitching A Tent

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Pitching A Tent

Frankie strolls down the street with her female roommates while "Pimp Juice" plays. I don't want to contemplate exactly what pimp juice is, and I especially don't know why anyone would buy a beverage by that name. And isn't the whole "pimp" thing over by now? I seem to recall Matt from New Orleans using that phrase a lot, and that was six seasons ago. In the club, Randy dances with Jessica. Jacquese interviews that Randy has pimp juice. Bleh. Randy and Jessica leave, and fondle each other in the parking lot. Randy hails a cab. Randy interviews that he never realized how much he misses having a girlfriend.

The other roommates leave the club. Brad comments that Randy fell in love. Robin scoffs that it's just for the night, but one of the other guys says that it's been two days. Robin points out that it's Randy's longest relationship, and wonders if "they going [sic] to hit it." One of Randy's friends says that they've probably hitting it right now.

Back at the house, Randy and Jessica are hitting it.

Randy interviews that he feels like Jessica is his girlfriend, and that "it's kind of like a life raft for me." I don't know what that means.

The next morning, Randy's friends say goodbye to all of the roommates, who honestly seem sad to see them go. Jessica gives Randy some kisses, and Randy goes back to sleep. Randy interviews that he and Jessica have a lot in common and that it was nice to comfort each other. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Mike and Robin have a talk. Robin says that she's not a drama queen, and Mike says that she is. Robin asks for the definition of "drama queen," and Mike answers, "Robin." Hee! Point for Mike. Mike reminds her that she was yelling at people for no reason. Robin says she knows that she drinks too much. Robin interviews that she knows she can overdo it with the drinking, and that she doesn't want to reach that point again. Robin asks Mike how to fix it, and Mike tells her to stop drinking. Mike promises to stop if she stops, and then adds that he'll only stop on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Robin laughs and says those are the days they can see each other. Robin interviews that Mike is a good influence on her, and that she's thankful that he's in her life.

Some other night, Robin and Mike decide to go in the tent. Jamie asks where they went, and Brad says that they're in the tent. Brad suggests that they "creep on them." Jamie, of course, is all over that idea. I'm surprised Jacquese isn't already out there. Brad and Jamie sneak outside. Jamie totally ruins the spying thing by unzipping the tent and looking inside. Jamie and Brad run back inside as Robin yells at them. And then there's an emergency alert system test, so I don't know what happened next, but it couldn't have been that interesting, right?

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