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Pitching A Tent

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Pitching A Tent

Robin gets into a cab and sobs. They keep cutting in shots of blurry traffic and the meter on the cab, which makes me think they are either going to get into an accident, or Robin won't have enough money to pay the driver. Or both. Robin interviews that when she drinks, she can't control her emotions or the things she says. But she can control the amount she drinks, right? Because if she can't, then maybe she needs to look into treatment.

Robin and her giant boobs arrive at the house, where Mike is heading for his car. Robin shuffles over and gets into the passenger seat. Mike calmly asks her to get out, and Robin refuses. Mike asks her again, and says that he's done with her. Robin asks what she did. Mike asks if she knows who she is, and tells her to look in the mirror. He wonders how she gets to drunk and out of control. Robin remains in the car. Mike says that he has to go. Robin keeps crying, but she stays in the car while Mike drives off.

Randy and his friends decide to set up a tent in the volleyball court outside he house, which I have never seen anyone use. They get the tent set up and grab some sleeping bags. Man, they have a lot of gear at this house. Randy and his friends get all set up in the tent. Randy and Jessica share a sleeping bag, and it looks like there are activities happening within.

The next morning (or actually afternoon), Jamie hops into bed with Cameran to wake her up, and says that Robin isn't back yet. Dude, she's with her boyfriend! If you haven't heard from her by dinnertime, then maybe it's time to worry. Or, in this situation, let Production worry about it. In other words, get a life, Jamie. Cameran is shocked that Robin didn't come home. Jamie interviews that Robin hasn't tried to call them at all. Jamie calls Robin's pager and leaves a message to say that she's concerned. Jacquese gets the scoop. Cameran interviews that nobody knows where Robin and Mike are. You'd think they'd be happy to avoid the drama for a while. Also, where in the hell is Frankie? Not that I care, but it's weird that she hasn't even appeared in the background of this episode.

And now it's time for the Most Awesome Thing I Saw on TV Last Week. The most awesome thing I saw on TV last week was a movie called Why My Daughter?. It's about the girl named Diana, played by Jamie Luner, and her parents get divorced. So, of course, she falls prey to an unscrupulous character played by Jagger from General Hospital who convinces her to run away from home and become a stripper. Of course. So don't get divorced, parents, or your daughter will become a stripper! But it gets worse. Her mom decides to go looking for Diana, and she walks into the strip club at the exact moment that Diana is on stage! What a coincidence! So then Diana makes the natural progression and becomes a whore, and the first time she has a trick, guess what she does? Celebrates with a steak dinner? Spends the money on diamonds and furs? No! She takes a shower and sobs because she can't wash away her shame! Come on. Are you new? So after a while, Diana can't take the whoring anymore, so she goes home with her mom, but can you guess what happens next? That's right. Diana meets back up with Jagger and goes back into prostitution, and they run away to San Diego. So Diana's mom goes looking for her, and in Jagger's old apartment, she finds a newspaper, with an article about San Diego circled! How helpful of Jagger to leave Diana's mom a clue like that! So then Diana turns up dead, and the rest of the movie involves Diana's mom trying to prove that Jagger murdered Diana, which she does, with the help of a detective played by Jim Walsh from 90210. But really, once the whore part is over, the movie is pretty boring. But the whoring and the stripping were awesome.

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