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Pitching A Tent

Mike asks whether this is how Robin always is, and then starts walking away. Robin starts running after him and begs him not to leave her. She catches up to him and grabs his arm, but he pulls it away. Ah, drunken drama. It never fails that, at closing time, you will see at least one couple in a fight like this. Robin tries to run after Mike, but she's wearing incredibly high heels and can't move very quickly. She begs Mike not to make her look like an ass, and Mike says she's the one making herself look like an ass. I don't think I've described Robin's outfit yet. She's wearing a scoop-necked floral top with an inverted V cut into the hem, so that her belly hangs out. And then the part of the shirt that actually meets in the front, over her boobs, has a pink ribbon lacing it together. It's about the ugliest thing I've ever seen. And then she has on super low-rise jeans. This is the outfit we will all laugh at when we watch I Love the 2000s on VH1. Well, most of us are laughing now. Super low-rise jeans are the genie pants of this decade. Anyway, Robin starts sobbing and crouches down on the sidewalk. She moves into a sitting position as Mike walks away.

Back at the house, everyone else wonders what happened to Mike and Robin. Randy explains that they were leaving in a cab, and that they yelled to Mike and Robin to meet them at home. Randy interviews that he saw Mike and Robin fighting and figured that they were still working that out. Brad explains to Randy's friend that Robin is a different person when she's wasted. Brad sounds pretty wasted himself. Randy interviews that drinking causes a different aspect of Robin's personality to come out, and that it's a mess. We see footage of Robin yelling at someone and slapping herself on the ass. Brad yells that it's hot tub time and everybody's invited.

So off to the hot tub we go! It looks like it's Randy, Randy's friends, Brad, and Jamie. Jamie interviews that Jessica is one of the coolest girls Randy has brought home, and that Jamie approves. Randy and Jessica cuddle up in the hot tub. Randy interviews that he's been attracted to Jessica for a while, so it's nice to be together with her. Jamie asks, "Dude, where's Robin, yo?" She is very tiresome with the constant slang. Randy tells Jamie to relax, because they're all adults and have to take responsibility for their own actions. Thank you, Randy! Jamie protests that Robin acts like she's fourteen, and Randy says that Robin is older than Jamie, and that Jamie doesn't have to be house mom just because she's a responsible person. I like Randy more and more. If he would just work on that "ignore it and it will go away" philosophy of relationships, I think Big Rand and I could hang out.

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