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Pitching A Tent

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Pitching A Tent

Mike shows up at the house, and Brad greets him. Brad interviews that he likes Mike a lot, and that he thinks he's good for Robin, because he's so laid-back. Brad says something about Greece having been nutty, and how he still has jet lag. Robin insists that she's fine, and shows Mike the shot glasses that she bought in Greece. They start doing shots of Jack Daniels. Randy's friends join them, and they all start drinking. Jacquese interviews that it's nice to see Robin and Mike in love, but that it's almost sickening. I don't know why Jacquese is pretending he doesn't love to watch people getting it on. Oh, wait. He only likes to watch his male roommates doing that. Jacquese adds that Mike doesn't know Robin that well, and has no idea what he's getting himself into.

Everyone hops into cabs and heads for the clubs. Brad dances horribly. Robin does another shot. Randy and Jessica get closer on the dance floor. Robin mumbles something to Mike about having sex, and then drunkenly rambles in his ear about her heart and her soul and something else. Robin interviews that it feels like she and Mike have been together forever, but that it's only been about six weeks.

Outside the club, Robin has a cigarette and tells Mike that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, and that she wants him to be the father of her children. Whoa! After six weeks? I guess I shouldn't talk. I knew after dating my now husband for six weeks that I wanted to get married. And then we waited eight more years. Mike asks Robin if she realizes what she just said, and she does. Mike asks Robin to marry him, and she says okay. Mike realizes that they are both drunk, so the discussion ends there. They head back inside the club, and Robin says she wants to do more shots. Mike says he doesn't need any more.

Robin interviews that before she came to San Diego, she worked as a bartender, and that part of her job was to do shots and get drunk. Really? Is that in her job description? Because most bartenders I know wouldn't do more than one shot per shift. Getting hammered makes it difficult to pour drinks and count money and stuff. Robin does two more shots and starts dancing around. Robin says that she needs to go home, and Mike agrees.

Outside the club, Robin starts yelling obnoxiously and flipping people the bird. Mike tries to shush her. Brad interviews that Robin started showing her wild side. Robin starts yelling at some people, and Mike tells her to chill out. Cameran asks Mike to get control of Robin, and Mike says he's trying. Randy interviews that Mike hasn't seen the destructive side of Robin like the rest of them have. Robin starts clapping and does a cheer that goes, "Andy Griffith! Red-headed bitch!" I don't know. That was hilarious, though. Robin continues yelling at various people, and Randy's poor friends try to corral her.

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