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Pitching A Tent

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Pitching A Tent

Previously on The Real World: Robin started dating Mike the Marine. Robin also repeatedly got out of control when she got drunk, which led to her arrest.

Robin and Mike snuggle on the patio, surrounded by an extremely romantic tableau: about forty-five empty plastic cups, each probably containing one inch of beer and approximately four or five cigarette butts. Mmm! That really sets the mood. Robin interviews that she likes how Mike makes her feel, and that she is ready to try a serious relationship. She quickly adds that she's not looking to get married, but that she's ready for a committed relationship. Mike says he has to get going, and Robin walks him out.

Robin interviews that she and Mike haven't gone further than kissing. Robin goes to the font of all sexual wisdom, Randy, to discuss the issue. Hee! I hope he brings up Bazooka Joe. Randy says that he's always surprised when sex happens for the first time, because it's never when you thought it would be. He adds that you have to be careful not to wait too long, because that puts too much pressure on the situation. Robin interviews that Randy's suggestion is stupid, and that she wants her first time with Mike to be on her own time. But Randy didn't give her a specific amount of time to wait! He just said "not too long" -- maybe he meant, "Don't wait fifteen years."

Randy asks whether Robin has seen Mike get mad. She says she's seen him have an attitude. Randy wonders if she's seen him get really mad, because he senses that Mike has a huge temper. Brad butts in and says that Mike is "a scrapper." Robin acts like that's all totally fine with her, and giggles, "Besides, I can hold my own with a Marine." Ha ha! Remember when she assaulted someone and got arrested? Good times.

Some of Randy's friends from Boston come to visit -- Jamie (a chick), Shawn, and Nick. Brad shows off his snake. No, not that one. The animal he has draped around his neck. I just realize that's why Brad got a snake. He loves to show off his penis, but that's not socially acceptable (which hasn't stopped him from doing it in the past), so he got a snake as a penis substitute. So what's Frankie's excuse? Randy shows off his room, and his friends appear disgusted and amused. Randy interviews that he used to work with Jessica, and that he's always been attracted to her.

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