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Pedro Has AIDS Real Bad

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Pedro Has AIDS Real Bad

Previously on The Real World, Rachel was ignorant.

Shots of protestors somewhere downtown. Randy Shilts, a famous wrier with AIDS, has died, and people are protesting at his memorial. How sick is that? I mean it's not like they were protesting at his funeral, but it's still in exceedingly bad taste.

Back at the house, Dudd is telling the roommates about the events and that it "really bugged" Pedro. Cut to Pedro and Pam sitting on the couch. Pedro wonders aloud how "someone who doesn't even know [him could] hate [him] so much." Pam points out that it's easier to hate someone you don't know. Pedro jokes that when he dies, he wants people to take notice. The adage "Be careful what you wish for" springs to mind. Then all of a sudden, we get Pam's confessional. She's upset and has obviously been crying recently. She says, "I can hear something ticking. Something bad is going to happen. Neither of us wants to think about it. I certainly don't want to think about it, but I'm thinking about it." Has Pam been dipping into the pharmaceuticals at work? The general lack of coherence and jittery, clipped speech patterns make me wonder. And, I'd just like to point out that even though we're supposed to think this comment was in reference to Pedro, she really could have been talking about anyone. Perhaps her boyfriend. Anyway, Pedro says in an interview that he needs to take care of his health more than he does. So we see Pedro going to an acupuncturist. The woman puts a needle in his ear and while generally I'm open to solutions beyond traditional medicine that makes me squirmy. Acupuncture is now out of the question for me. It's a needle! In your ear! [Insert Sideshow Bob shudder]

Pedro is in the living room with Rachel, Dudd and Puck. He's telling him about his experiences with acupuncture, and then Puck takes the conversation ball and runs with it, going on and on and on about tattoos. Pedro and I roll our eyes simultaneously and then Pedro gets up and leaves. I don't have that luxury. I have to sit through every stupid minute of this.

Puck, Cory and Rachel go hiking somewhere in Marin. Much running with the elk in the hills. What is this? The Real World Moose Jaw? Then they go down to the tidepools and Cory practically creams her jeans at the sight of all the anemones and starfish. Now I know why she's never been in love. She's like Troy McClure from The Simpsons who can only love fish. Anyway, they find an abalone and decide to eat it for dinner. Now, abalone is really very tasty, but I'd be a bit shy about eating one I caught myself what with the general polluted nature of the oceans. Rachel, Cory and Puck cook and eat the abalone for dinner, interspersed with shots of interviews with Pedro, Pam and Mo all saying how much time Cory and Puck are spending together. If my esteem of Cory could drop any lower at this point, it would. Cory plays with her food at the table and Puck says, "You are so seventh grade." Well, if that isn't the Puck calling the kettle black.

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