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Pedro's Wedding

Previously on The Real World: Puck met a girl named Toni in a park. She's "rad." They're getting married. Pedro has a friend named Alex who is like a best friend. Alex lives in Miami, and doesn't think it's fair that Pedro's going to stay in San Francisco for Sean.

San Francisco. Gay Pride Parade. Pedro, Sean, Cory, Judd, and Pam are collecting money at the parade. They stand with large buckets in the street, asking for change. Sean and Pedro kiss as Pedro tells us that they want to exchange wedding bands. They decide to throw a party for the occasion. Pedro asks the girls whether he may have the party in the house. Pam says they should throw a bridal shower for Pedro. Everyone laughs, and Pedro tries to decline the party. Where's Rachel? Pedro's friend Alex is going to be in town soon, and Pedro wants to throw the party then. Sean explains that this party has suddenly become much larger than they originally intended.

Rachel tells Pedro that she approves of the party. Pedro laughs and says, "Well, good, because we're gonna do it anyway." She says she wants to be the Best Woman.

Pedro and Sean go to the airport to pick up Pedro's friend Alex. It's a quiet drive. Sean and Pedro are bickering because Alex doesn't like Sean for taking Pedro away. Judd tells us that Alex came out to make sure that Pedro was making the right decision by staying in San Francisco.

Café. Alex asks whether Sean is shy. Pedro says that he is. Pedro says he feels like he's stuck between two important things: Sean and his family. Alex asks whether Pedro could be happy in San Francisco. Pedro says he could. Alex says he thinks Sean should move if he's really in love. Pedro says he agrees that you should move for love, and that's why he's thinking of moving to San Francisco.

The phone rings. "It's the Puck," we hear. It's the same sound clip they used when Puck called Cory. This time, Pam answers the phone and instantly starts rubbing her head. She says she hadn't talked to him since the night they threw him out. Puck tells Pam that he's disappointed in her. She says she's disappointed in him as well. She tells us that they have nothing in common. Pam tells Puck she doesn't want to talk about it anymore, so Puck invites her to the soapbox derby on May 15th. Pam says she might have to work. She tells us she doesn't know why she'd go. Puck tells her it's fifteen guaranteed hours of fun. Why is Puck back? Why?

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