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Passion Of The Sarah

Willie, Shavonda, Sarah, and MJ eat lunch in a restaurant. MJ asks if everyone thinks people who start out on Broadway are more talented than those who just do movies. Willie thinks that people trained in theater, like he is, can do anything. MJ says that Mel Gibson was trained in Shakespearean theater. Willie nods and Sarah snaps, "Can we not talk about Mel Gibson?" She adds that she doesn't like him anymore, and MJ is surprised and wants to know why. See, and here's where Sarah went wrong. No one asked her opinion on Mel Gibson, and was she really that offended by the mere mention of his name that she had to speak up? I don't like Mel Gibson either, and I didn't like him before he made Passion Of The Christ, but if someone expressed admiration for him in my presence, I wouldn't have felt the need to say anything, unless they asked me if I liked him. At which point I would have said that I think he's sexist and homophobic, and that his movies kind of suck.

Anyway, Sarah says that Passion Of The Christ is anti-Semitic. She interviews that most people don't know she's Jewish. MJ asks if she's actually seen the movie, and Sarah says that her friend saw it and told her about it. And I don't think she has to have seen the movie to form an opinion about it, especially one that got so much media attention. But I also think she's being unnecessarily antagonistic in this conversation. Sarah adds that she refuses to support Mel Gibson financially, so she didn't go see the film. MJ says he saw the movie, and didn't come away with an anti-Semitic vibe; he just thought that Christ went through a lot of suffering for our sins. Sarah says that it was based on a document written five hundred years after the events of Christ's crucifixion. MJ says he believes in that document. Sarah interviews that she's always been about informed people, and that MJ can only provide what he's been told by his church. Because religion is all about informed belief. I think most people with religious feelings go on something called faith. I hate that Sarah makes me argue the exact opposite of my own feelings, but I think the difference between us is that while I don't agree with MJ, I can see his point, and accept it as valid for him, even when we disagree. I don't feel the need to force him to come around to my way of thinking, or make him feel stupid if he disagrees with me. ["Also, they're both misinformed; if Sarah's talking about the gospels, they weren't written five hundred years after the crucifixion. And if she's talking about The Dolorous Passion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which Gibson used as source material for the movie, then that was written like eighteen hundred years after the crucifixion. And if that's what MJ's talking about, then he probably doesn't believe in that document unless he's a super-Catholic like Mel Gibson, because that book is pretty controversial and obviously isn't part of the Bible. Refereeing arguments between dumb people is frustrating!" -- Wing Chun]

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