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Pascual Warning

Previously on The Real World: Leah bleated at Chris. Mallory noted that it's easy for Leah to backstab people. Mallory claimed she didn't remember kissing Ace while she was drunk. Ace thought Mallory was lying about not remembering. Leah realized Mallory had a crush on her man, Ace.

Mallory and Christina on the train. Mallory says that she hates walking on eggshells around Leah. In a confessional, Christina says that Leah is mad at Mallory. Mallory interviews that Leah is "quick-tempered" and doesn't understand her. Christina advises Mallory just to live her life because she can't control Leah's actions. Good advice. Mallory says she can't "tiptoe around people who are emotional." Nor should she. I mean, she shouldn't go out of her way to piss Leah off, but if Leah is overreacting, Mallory shouldn't cater to her.

Mallory and Christina are at the office. Mallory is asking Christina for writing advice, which doesn't seem like the best idea, since Christina hasn't gotten the highest marks for her assignments. Back home, Simon and Leah are cleaning up. In a confessional, Leah says that her brother Pascual is coming to visit, and that she's excited. Leah vacuums furiously.

Mallory and Christina prepare to leave the office, but somehow manage to lock themselves inside. At the house, the phone rings. Simon answers. Mallory tells him that they are locked in the office. Simon repeats it for Leah's benefit, and Leah laughs so loudly that my eardrums puncture. Ouch. Thank God for closed captioning. Mallory tells Leah that it's not funny. Leah thinks Mallory might just be doing it to get out of cleaning. Mallory continues to complain about being locked in, and then Christina walks in and says she figured out how to get out. Mallory tells Simon they're on their way home and hangs up.

Simon tells Ace and Adam how Mallory got locked in the office. Suddenly, it's all Mallory's fault. Leah bitches that Mallory is lazy and "a little dirty." I don't know what that has to do with getting locked in. Ace tries to make the excuse that Mallory is only nineteen, and Leah squeals that Simon is only eighteen. Ace backpedals and tries to say that Simon has always lived at home, where his mom makes him clean up, whereas Mallory has been on her own and thus adopted slovenly habits. I'd think it would be the other way around -- that Simon would be sloppy because he had his mom to pick up after him, whereas Mallory would have learned to be responsible for herself. Nice try, Ace. Ace interviews that Leah is only gung-ho about cleaning because her brother is coming. Leah pushes Ace out the door, and he promises to clean when he gets home. Ace interviews that he cleaned up the kitchen by himself a day earlier, so he doesn't feel guilty about going out. I wonder about the other housemates, though. Did Chris clean up? Adam? Or are they expected to be sloppy because they are dudes?

Mallory and Christina arrive home. I really hate Mallory's red puffy coat. My mom had that same coat in powder blue in about 1977. And it was ugly then. Mallory and Christina don't want to go into the house, because they know they are in trouble, and they forgot that they were supposed to clean. Leah and Simon do dishes. Mallory walks in and asks when Pascual is arriving. Leah answers and then, in a really patronizing manner, asks Mallory if she could avoid leaving her apple core in the candy dish. Okay, that's kind of gross, but I would just make Mallory clean it up instead of doing it and then bitching at her about it. Mallory interviews that she wishes Leah would pull her aside to say these things instead of saying them in front of everyone.

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