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Paris In The Springtime

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Paris In The Springtime

CT and Jamie sit and stare at each other inside. Jamie asks if he just wants her to back off. CT says he's sorry it had to be like this. CT watches her walk away. Wendy has her bags all packed, for some reason. Are they leaving right now? Jamie dives into the bed and lies there, alone.

The next day, Leah winds her hair around the curling iron to get that wavy look, and asks Christina to bring her some hairspray. Christina says that she just packed it all. The two women pack their bags. Mallory interviews that she's not telling Leah why she doesn't want to go to Florence in the hopes of avoiding another argument. Leah and Christina leave the house and walk to the train station. Leah interviews that she can't wait to get to Florence to go shopping and meet Giuseppe. Nice priorities. Leah and Christina board their train and gossip about how CT broke up with Jamie so rudely. Christina can't believe he broke up with her after she came all the way to Paris. Leah is upset about the way it happened. Christina says that it would really hurt her.

Jamie and Wendy walk through the airport. CT is there to see them off. CT interviews that he's disappointed in himself, and that he should have avoided situations that he and Jamie have argued over in the past. Yes, that's a healthy relationship. Walk on eggshells. Jamie says that she needs to talk to CT when he comes home. CT thinks he knows what it's about. CT interviews that someone told Jamie about his conversation with Mike in the hot tub. CT tells Jamie that his roommates do try to cut him down, even if they claim that they don't. In a confessional, CT says he can't stand when his roommates get involved in his life. CT kisses Jamie goodbye. Are they broken up or what? She's carrying some flowers, which I'm guessing CT bought for her. CT and Mike walk off. CT interviews that she wasn't the Jamie he knows from home, and that something wasn't right.

CT rides the train home and thinks real hard. Back home, he plays pool with Ace. Hey, where in the hell have Ace and Adam been this whole episode? CT thinks it was like Jamie had someone in her ear the whole trip. Ace asks who said that. CT says that Christina kept telling Jamie that CT was an asshole, and that someone told Jamie about his conversation with Mike in the hot tub, but twisted it all around. CT says that they made it sound like Mike was trying to convince CT to break up with Jamie. Because he was? CT interviews that he wants to confront his roommates about what happened during Jamie's visit. CT says he'll ask which one of the girls is getting into his business. And then he scratches his head a few times.

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