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Paris In The Springtime

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Paris In The Springtime

Back at the house, the phone rings. Jamie answers. It's CT, telling her that he's at the office, finishing up his reviews. Jamie asks why he didn't call her to say where he was, because she's been waiting around for him. CT ignores the question and asks if she wants to go to the Louvre. Mike sticks his nose into the conversation. CT pretends (I think) that the phone is breaking up and he can't hear her. He imitates static, which is so lame. He says that he'll be at least another hour, and that she can go to the Louvre by herself if she wants. Jamie asks if she's on speakerphone, and tells CT to pick up the phone, and then calls him either a shithead or a dickhead. CT can't believe that Jamie is cursing at him. CT tries to explain his position, but Jamie yells that she's not going to the museum by herself. Where's Wendy? CT orders her to go to the Louvre so that he can finish his work, and says they'll talk later. Jamie starts to protest, but then just hangs up the phone. CT can't believe she hung up on him. Mike says he told CT to hang up on her first. Jamie walks out of the house with Leah and Wendy, so she's totally not alone. Jamie says that she came to Paris to hang out with CT. Leah interviews that CT is being an ass. CT mocks Jamie by pretending to scream into the phone, "Where the fuck were you?"

CT and Mike hang out in the hot tub. Mike is way too close to CT, for some reason. CT is trying to defend Jamie, saying that she doesn't want him to think that she's a pushover. Mike keeps pointing out that it's Jamie's last night in Paris, and that she should be hanging out with CT. As he talks, Mike keeps getting closer and closer to CT's face, and he's practically sitting in CT's lap. The hell? What is with that guy? Are they going to make out? At one point, CT looks uncomfortable and kind of elbows Mike away. Mike thinks that CT needs to get rid of Jamie. CT says he just wants to be happy, but admits that he's not happy right now. I think that has more to do with Mike's invasion of his personal space than anything. Mike tells CT to dump Jamie. CT thinks that Jamie gives him a hard time because she loves him. Mike says that if Jamie loved CT, she would be there right now. Leah interviews that she was listening to their conversation, and she thought CT was being an asshole due to Mike's influence.

Jamie and Wendy return with Leah, who was supposedly listening to that conversation. Did she teleport? Jamie says hello to Mike and CT. Mike says that she should be spending time with CT since she's going home the next day. Jamie says that was CT's choice, and she sat there waiting around for hours. In a confessional, CT and his awesomely curly Mike Brady hair say that Jamie is just looking for a reason to get mad at him. Mike gets out of the hot tub and says that CT and Jamie need to talk. CT and Jamie stare at each other, but this time it doesn't repair their relationship. In a confessional, CT says that Jamie is "salty" and "has an attitude all of the time." CT says that Jamie's attitude has offended him for six days. She doesn't understand, so CT says he doesn't like how she talks to him and how she treats her friends as opposed to how she treats him. Leah walks outside. Jamie asks again what she did to offend CT. Leah totally ignores the fact that Jamie and CT are clearly having a private conversation and sits down on the edge of the hot tub. God, if you're going to eavesdrop, at least try to be subtle. CT says that the thing with Christina is still bothering him. Jamie says that CT hurt Wendy's feelings. CT thinks that Christina was reaching out to him when she told Wendy that she was scared. Jamie tells him not to raise his voice. CT thinks that Christina had to use Wendy as a go-between because she was too scared to talk to him, and that's a serious issue. Jamie has nothing to say. CT tells her to fuck off. Jamie is shocked. CT tells her to pack her shit and go. Leah is still sitting there, inappropriately. CT gets out of the hot tub and walks into the house.

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