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Paris In The Springtime

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Paris In The Springtime

Leah talks to Giuseppe on the phone. She tells him that she got the package, and that it's great. Leah interviews, "The great thing about Giuseppe is that he adores me!" Selfish. Giuseppe says that there will be nice weather while Leah is there.

Suddenly, Simon, Mallory, and Christina are at the train station. But what about CT? Christina explains that she told Leah it would be good if they all went to Florence, and Leah said she appreciated it. Mallory interviews that none of them wants to go, so she came up with the idea that they could all go together. Christina and Mallory unconvincingly state that it'll be fun. Mallory still doesn't want to go. Simon suggests that they just send Christina, who agrees to that scenario. Christina interviews that Mallory and Simon really don't want to go, and that Leah has to have someone to go with (but why?), so Christina will go. Leah tells Giuseppe that she misses him, and he returns the sentiment, and then they hang up.

CT returns to the house after dark. He and Jamie stare at each other. Jamie guesses that he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. CT interviews that he's tired of arguing. CT says that he feels like no matter what he does, he can't win. He wants to know if they should stay together and try to work it out. He adds, "I don't want to be in a relationship where we're making up more than we're making love." That CT is a poet. Jamie says she can't answer that for him, because she's not him. CT walks out of the room. Jamie follows. They stare at each other for a while. CT asks her to tell him that it's going to be fine. A sad piano plays as Jamie says, "Tell me." CT asks if she's tired, and softly suggests that she go to bed instead of standing there with her back to him. They stare at each other some more and suddenly everything is fine. Relationship-mending through staring. I hear Dr. Phil recommends that approach. CT wants Jamie to come over to where he is, and she smiles. They hug, and CT carries Jamie around the house.

The next morning at 8:00 AM, CT tells Jamie that he has to pick up his cousin Mike at the airport. He agrees that he'll be back between 10:30 and 11:00, but that he'll stop and pick up some eggs first. What is with these roommates and their obsession with eggs? Unless "eggs" is a code word for liquor or something. In a confessional, CT says that Mike is a comedian who cracks jokes. CT tells Jamie that Mike will want to start pounding beers.

CT picks up Mike, and they go to the offices for some reason. Mallory walks in and asks what's going on. Mike introduces himself. CT interviews that having Mike there is "a stress reliever." Probably because they are currently in the process of getting all liquored up. Why they couldn't go to the house to do that, or a bar, is a mystery to me. In a confessional, CT says that he and Mike have their own sense of humor. Mike reads something CT wrote on his laptop, and CT starts going off about how good he is at research. That is hilarious! Christina giggles at them. Mallory interviews that Mike and CT are kind of intense, and that they've been drinking. Really? I couldn't tell.

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