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Paris In The Springtime

Christina interviews that she spoke to Wendy about CT getting into fights, and that what she said might have been overinflated, because it really had nothing to do with being scared of CT physically. In the stairwell, Wendy tells Jamie that she feels like a piece of shit. Jamie says that Wendy didn't do anything wrong by telling her what happened, and that Jamie was the one who ultimately told CT. Jamie says she had to tell him something. Back in the living room, Christina says she doesn't want CT to feel like he's alone. CT isn't interested in listening to feelings, so he tells Christina twice not to be scared of him, and kisses her on the cheek. Christina says she's not scared of him, but he's done listening. CT walks out and says he's a big baby when you get to know him. Christina wonders if he's running away from her. CT reaches the girls in the stairwell and says that it went well. Jamie thinks she fucked up. CT asks what she means, and Jamie curses a few more times, chokes up, and walks off. What's her problem? CT sighs, "Oh, I can't win."

CT interviews that he has to go deal with the problem upstairs because now Jamie is upset. CT asks what Jamie wants him to do. Jamie wants him to tell her how to fix it. Yes, because CT is the master of fixing disputes. She could lie and say that some flowers delivered to the house are from her! Jamie wants CT to apologize to Wendy. Wuh? Why? I'm so confused. Jamie is concerned that now Wendy feels uncomfortable. I guess because Wendy is totally busted for ratting out Christina? Jamie wonders if she can't trust CT now. CT interviews that he thought Christina had a serious issue with him, based on what Wendy said, and that he thought he should address it. He doesn't understand why Wendy is uncomfortable. CT says that he wants things to be good between the roommates, and that he doesn't really care about Jamie's or Wendy's relationship with the roommates, since they'll never see the roommates again. Jamie says that CT doesn't think of anyone but himself. CT says he's not there for a lecture. CT and Jamie stare at each other for a minute. CT interviews that his roommates are trying to get Jamie and Wendy to choose sides. Jamie says that CT fucked up, and now he needs to fix it. Earlier, wasn't Jamie saying that she fucked up? CT interviews that if he needs grief, he'll go to his roommates. CT stalks out, puts on his coat, and leaves the house.

CT walks into the train station and gets on a train. It's all very dramatic. He's on a train. Where is he going? Does he have exact change? Back at the house, Leah and Mallory are talking to Jamie and Wendy. It sounds like they are discussing whether they should go out or wait for CT to get home. Jamie says that CT is pissed. Leah says that CT can page them when he comes home. Jamie says that CT is upset and has a problem communicating, so he needs to go for a walk and think it over. Mallory thinks that's good, and Jamie says that CT is lucky to have her. Everyone agrees on that count. CT is walking alone. CT interviews that he's disappointed that Jamie is caught up in the "nonsense that goes on in the house."

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